Personally I find pattern and their creation soothing, yet when I design them specifically for Spoonflower they are also kind of frustrating because in order for them to work as fabric they don’t only have to repeat within the design, they have to keep repeating when they are double, mirrored and repeated.

Most of the designs you’ll find at Spoonflower came to be in response to one of their challenges. If you like designing as well it’s something you might want look into, I found it to be a great exercise. It’s easy to create a pattern simply because you like it. It’s much harder to create one that has to fit certain criteria and reach a wider audience. Then again, maybe that’s just me. I think I learned a lot in regards to fulfilling customer expectations through this.

Other pattern are created freely, springing forth just from my imagination, without any guidelines or borders. Those are just as pretty and appealing as the others, but place them on a fabric and it might look a little off and strange.

In my opinion pattern look good an most over all print clothing and accessories, but then again I’m not much of a pattern person when it comes to my own clothing. But I do like creating them because to me they represent control and boundary’s. You can find more pattern here…

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