Two or three years ago I watched a video about the art of pour painting and was fascinated. You’ll soon learn, if you don’t already have, that I’m easily fascinated. In this case what woke my interest was that you didn’t need some skill in brushwork or painting to create something amazing. So I went and got myself some canvas, acrylic paint, cups and an old lid from a large pizza.

From the first moment I layered the paint in the cup and slowly poured it over the canvas I fell in love with this art form. The way the colors moved and formed waves, lines and patterns, was fascinating and surprisingly relaxing. Once I had a few finished canvases I started to experiment by adding glitter or once dry enhance some areas with glitter glue.

From there I started taking pictures of the whole canvas and some areas. At first I only enhanced them a little, like changing contrast and color intensity, then used them as all-over designs on clothing, accessories and home decor. Which was kind of the point where I thought opening an online store would be a good idea.

Aside from it being fun creating all kinds of clothing with pictures of my canvas art it also gave me some hope that I might make some money with it. Either way, I ordered some samples that I could sell at my stand at the Farmers Market and other events. Most people thought it was tie dye and where surprised when I explained to them how I actually did it. I didn’t sell as much as I would have liked, but I got many compliments that made it worth while. Still, if you like what you see feel free to use one of the of the stores on my Shop my Art page.

In addition to the simple way of enhancing the pictures I took I soon also began to manipulate them in a bigger way. Like this one. The way the lines and colors came out made me think of two things one being hell and the other being a painting by Salvador Dali (The Persistence of Memory)

I decided to place some skulls with glowing eyes into the crevices and dark corners, creating something new from the pour-painting I had on a canvas.

If you would like to see more you can look through my gallery here…. You’ll also find some examples of how my Pour-paintings look on clothing, accessories and home decor. Originals can be found at my booth at Farmers Markets and other events.

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