Obviously you can order my art on a large variety of products, from clothing to home decorations. But it’s not all that I can do for you.

Some services I do myself at home, others I will use a company to fulfill whatever you need in order to give you the best price with a high quality product. I only work with companies that I have used for my own products and know they do a good job and if something goes wrong will do anything to fix it, just like me.

So here are a few things I can and/or have done so far:

  • Customized laminated bookmarks (you have a picture, design or logo and make a bookmark out of it) Minimum order of 10 bookmarks for $17.00 Final price depends of volume.
  • Your art on print products, meaning you have a photograph, drawing, logo or any other form of art that can be digitized by some means (like photographed) I will place it on any products you like and exists with any of my suppliers. Clothing, accessories, decorations, home decor, mugs, and more.
  • Your art or logo embroidered on a large variety of products, like hats, jackets or hoodies. Converting a logo or art into a usable file for embroidery takes some time, but mock-ups can be created fairly quickly. Giving you time to decide what you like best.
  • Resin coasters 4.25″ for $6.00 a piece. Your own artwork, photo or drawing embedded in the coaster. For example at a party or wedding every guest could have their own coaster with their picture embedded.
  • Resin key chains with your picture or those of loved ones for $6.50 a piece (holds two pictures)
  • Book covers for print or e-book for $80.00
  • Printing $.020 a page Anything you need printed in grayscale or color. Just a heads up, I use a laser printer
  • Laminated print outs, $0.85 per page. Perfect for anyone who needs worksheets for their kids or workplace and doesn’t want to print them anew every time.
  • Designing and printing of flyers, two fold or three fold, price depends on time and quantity. (Since I’m dyslexic any text has to be either provided or proof read before printing.)
  • Designing of posters and printing of the same up to legal size, in gloss up to letter size.

Even if you are looking for something that isn’t listed here, feel free to contact me and ask for what you are looking for. In addition to what I listed here, I also like to do research and finding new suppliers for new products I can add to my list, expanding the products I can already offer.

Contact me at customersupport@nicolekiefer.com

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