I’m not the boisterous and outreaching kind of person when at an event, I’m more the sitting and waiting kind of person. I love my work, but I don’t have to talk to it. But just because I don’t jump up every time someone walks by and draw them into a conversation, doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention. Often someone will look at my boxes and admire them, but then say something along the line of : “what would I use it for” or “we have enough boxes for jewellery”

But boxes like mine aren’t just for jewellery, there are for a lot of things. Most of my boxes are designed as keepsake boxes. some will have ring storage or hooks for necklaces, but most do not. The boxes you find at my booth are the once I make because I have an idea, find a cute design or drew something up I believe is worth sharing. Most importantly they are examples of what you could order custom made for you. The boxes at my booth are for decoration and multi-purpose use. They are an example of my skill and talent, or lack thereof depending on a persons opinion.

Now, custom made boxes are made for a specific purpose. Often as a gift, with a chosen design that will please the person it is gifted to. Some of them have greater significance then others. Here are some examples.

When you custom order a box you can choose from different kinds of woods that I have in stock or can get in a timely manner. You determine the size, if you want lining or not and what kind. I usually have several to choose from or can get one you might like.

Most importantly you can choose an engraving either by laser or CNC, the latter can be either done embossed or engraved and engravings can be filled with resin to create an inlay.

I have done boxes for photos so the customer would always have a place for these special memories. I made boxes for a customer to store the ashes of their beloved dog, cat or family member. Some where for the most exiting moment in a couples life, their wedding or the birth of a child.

There is more to boxes then just jewelry, more then just storage. Custom made boxes can have a deep emotional connection. You look at them and remember, before you even open it. You look at the engraved picture of a loved one and remember him or her. You look at the pic of a beloved animal, you open the box and there isn’t just it’s ash, but the last collar it had, the last tags, or pictures of him or her.

A baby box can hold ultra sound pictures, birth records, the first blanket or the first teeth they lost. Hell I had someone store the first bought (not used) diaper store in one.

The box you keep your valuables, not just monetary ones but emotional ones, in is as important as what it holds. So when you see mine or anyone else’s boxes displayed at an event don’t just see what is on the shelve, but the possibilities they offer you.

Feel free to message me over Facebook, email me or phone me, also because of health conditions I prefer the time to read through conversations rather then trying to take it all in via phone call.

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