Skull art was in a way what got me drawing. I always found skulls fascinating. They are the most important part of the human body, keeping our brains safe. Which is most likely the reason they play such a great role in the occult, fantasy, magic and all kinds of stories.

In life the skull is hidden by flesh, yet like armor it protects that what gives us the ability to life, to think , to dream and to grow. In death it is a reminder of the person we once where. And going by the science it can tell the story of our life, even when what it once protected is gone.

Religions keep skulls of their saints as keep sake’s, sort off. The occult use them for rituals and contact the afterlife. They have a place in mythology, religion and history. Actually they are history, especially when dug up by archeologists. On top of that they are just bad-ass.

I don’t know how many tattoo’s or jewelry designs I have seen over the years picturing a skull or several. Since I love fantasy, I have seen them used in more ways then I can count in TV shows and movies. They represent more then just a dead person, at least in my mind.

Interested to see more of my skull art, check them out here…

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