I love animals, always have… the 9 cats and 2 dogs living with me are a testament to that. One of my favorite places to go when taking time off, are zoo’s. If I could I would visit all the zoo’s in the world as often as I could. Obviously I can’t so I read about them, watch documentaries and most often watch those that live in our area. Some of my designs are inspired by the animals I see in my backyard, like owls, or by photographs I saw online. Many of the cat related designs picture my own cats. In some instances they act as a memorial to cats and dogs we lost along the way to either wildlife or illness.

This is one of my most sold designs, but there are many more. If you are interested check them out here….

A few months ago I started to play around with resin art, and when my one year old pup was hit by a car, I needed to create something that would serve as a lasting memory. I also needed something to pour my grief into, since it already had been a trying year. Earlier in 2020 I lost my mother after years of fighting her failing body. And a few month after that a kitten that had wormed it’s way into my heart. Loosing Baloo was feeling like too much.

When I found some plain wood trays I had an idea and created this. It didn’t take the grief away, or brought Baloo back, but it helped me to cope. The small tray is now standing in my office, and when I miss Baloo I look at it and remember the joy he brought into our life. He was a hand full, but no dog before him made me laugh like he did.

I offer to do the same for others. All I need is a high quality picture and some details about what you would like it to look like.

On and additional note, if you see funny, cute or unusual animal pics feel free to post a link to them in the comments, and if I like it I might use it as an inspiration for a new design.

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