I got this nice pine box at Dollarama, it was plain and needed a good sanding, but the craftsmanship is nice enough to use them as a blank canvas. Once the surface was sanded smooth I used a soft layer of stain to give it a nice starting color.

Once the stain was dry, I decided, after a look outside, to paint it in a fall design. Over the next three days I added branches and colorful leaves until autumn was covering every surface. Then I coated it with four layers of polyethylene to give a nice shine and protection.

Once I had the hinges reattached and everything was dry, I lined the bottom with a piece of fabric of my own design (available at m Spoonflower store) and the walls with soft dark blue fabric. This is the end result:

If you would like to buy this nice piece, it’s available for $35.00 if you pick it up or have it delivered to Killarney, MB. If you need it to be shipped, the cost for shipping will be added. BUY NOW (without shipping)

I also appreciate any comments you might want to make as long as they are polite.

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