So, closing the online store means changing things around a lot. I hope for the better. All my designs are now in albums that hopefully will help you find what you are looking for. I’m working on entering the design name into the info section of each design, but it’s slow going. So for now, if you want to order a design, clock at the picture, check if the info section shows you the name, if not copy the link from your browser and send that with the information of what product you would like to order with the design. Before I send you an Invoice and place the order I will send you a mock-up to make sure it is what you want. Please understand that mock-ups are an approximation and sometimes the size or placement of the design on the product might deviate from it.

Woodworking Now here you don’t find so much designs as Products, however, any piece you find in there can be customized for you. For example you could have your wedding photos, graduation picture or something along that line placed on a table or serving tray.

Resin Art again more a gallery of products, but like woodworking, many of them can be customized for you.

Animal Designs obviously this is my favorite album since I love animals. Many designs are based on one furry family member or another.

Skull Art I have fascination with skull art, don’t know why. Maybe because everything we are is in that part of our body while alive, and that I find an amazing feat of nature.

Pour Paintings When I started I fell in love with doing those, and soon discovered they are ideal for creating all-over-print designs. You’ll find a few examples of that in the album as well.

Pattern obviously these are created specifically for all-over-print, you’ll find some examples in the album.

Cause and Awareness I usually try to stay out of taking a side in anything, especially when I don’t really know enough to do so. Which is often, but some causes, and some areas need to be mentioned and supported.

Abstract not much to say about my abstract work, most of it was created by me trying out new brushes and simply liking the result. I like wild, unusual and crazy colorful, at least some times.

Comic and Fun I think the name already tells all.

Text Art some of it will have a picture attached, but the main focus of these designs are the words.

I’m sure that as I keep designing and creating the list of albums will increase in time. Maybe bookmark the page and check for updates from time to time.

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