Anyone who knows me knows that I a fan of fantasy, mythology and anything supernatural. I read about it, write using it’s elements, and watch movies and TV shows evolving around it. That includes dragons and unicorns, which I decided to use in my next two paintings.

This red and gold, snakelike dragon with large horns and sharp teeth on a foggy blue metallic background is painting with acrylic. I always found dragons fascinating because they are big, scary and fearsome, yet they also represent wisdom, power and eternity.

This one is painted on a 12″x16″ stretched canvas.

Price $20.00 without shipping, local pickup or drop off only (Killarney and close area) BUY NOW Or contact me if you need this item to be shipped for price info

But dragons aren’t the only mythical creature I like, unicorns are something I’m just as fond of.

I know that unicorns are most often drawn as white, which is why they often stand for purity. But I never was big on doing things the way everyone is doing them. So, my unicorn is a dark pink, almost red. The white glowing moon in the background offsetting it and making it more pop. Surrounded by sparkling vines with yellow leafs attached. A mythical creature in a mystical world. Painted with acrylic paint on a 12″x12″ stretched canvas.

I also would be happy to hear from you in the comment section.

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