I usually don’t speak out or take a stand publicly even if I have thoughts and opinions. Because every time I voice them on Facebook or other social media, I often end up getting into fights, and at times it got bad enough to get me banned or suspended for some time. So, usually I keep my mouth shut.

Art became soft of a substitute to voicing my thoughts and opinions, making it possible for me to take a stand without actually saying anything. The #MeToo movement was the first time I expressed my agreement with what was going on in the world through art. Seeing so many woman stand up and telling their story, moved me. I might not have been raped but like most females I experienced sexual harassment. And like most when I tried to talk about it, I was shut down with sayings like “boy’s will be boy’s”, which is the most idiotic excuse ever in my mind.

A friend of mine had created this design, it was flat, black and without the text. She allowed me to use hers as a basis to create what you see here and make it my own. It felt good to create something that could easily be shared and at the same time reflect my own thoughts.

From the day I placed it into my portfolio at Redbubble and started selling it, the design was noticed. Since then it was sold 97 times on different kind of products. I know to most that sounds like almost nothing, but to me it’s a bestseller.

Which makes me proud not only because it sold so many times, but because it means that 97 people come forward and supported this movement. To me that was more important then the money I made, not that I made that much. Actually it’s the one design that has the lowest royalty I could set.

So, this a thank you and a thumbs up to all those who bought a product with this design on it. Thank you for showing support, for coming forward and for supporting a new artist.

I’m not up to date on the statistics, but when I looked a few years ago it said one in three girls under the age of 18 are getting sexually abused in North America and one of five grown woman experience it as well. Meaning, that it is very likely we all know someone who has experienced sexual abuse in some way. I also read that one in five boys under the age of 18 are abused just as badly. Don’t know about grown man, but I think it’s safe to say those exist as well.

Most abuse victims don’t come forward. They are too ashamed, too traumatized and often don’t think they will be believed if they do say something. Openly showing support with a symbol like this helps others find the strength to come forward, speak up and helps to change the perception of how to deal with rape in society.

If you are interested to buy a product with this design go to my Redbubble Store….

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