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The Diaries of Kairie Lawless now available

the diaries of Kiarie Lawless 5 front smallThe Diaries of Kairie Lawless are inspired by the 2016 elections in the USA. As is the character of Lando Rud. However, the story itself is only slightly political.

Mostly the book is about what the future might look like if a person hungry for power, with the ability to manipulate gains control of a country, desperate for change. I chose America because at the moment they are in that danger the most. However, the same story could play out in most European countries as well. Actually, in countries all over the world.

Humans are habitual creatures, any social change has always come the hard way to us. As is evident all throughout history. The greater the change, the greater the violence with which it was born.

And as with all the other changes in history, there was and is again a slow build up. In the last 50 – 100 years, the call for human rights, equality and acceptance of diversity has grown louder and louder as well as more forcefully. For example: When my husband was a teen, there were people belonging to the LGBTQ community, but it wasn’t talked about. It was ignored. It didn’t interrupt the habitual life of those not belonging, making those part of that community the outsiders. The ones not able to show, act and behave as who they truly were. The same goes for women, who had to fight for their right to vote, work, own property. Their need for equality disrupted the habitual day to day life. Now they are everywhere. People with colored skin, those part of a different religion, and many different sexual lifestyles forced their way into the habitual life of all who considered themselves normal.

To me, diversity is and always has been a good thing. But I grew up with a mother bound to a wheelchair who showed me first hand that there is no difference in capability. Yet, for the same reason, I have always seen how hard it is for far too many to truly accept diversity, instead of just acting as if they do.

Humans have another habit, one that will one day lead to their destruction. Blame… When times get rough, economics down, and unemployments and crime rates up, we are looking for someone to blame. Another thing you can find all throughout history. You combine both habits, and what you get is an explosive combination. A deadly combination. Especially if there is a person who knows how to exploit it.

As many times before the world is on the edge of such a combination and in danger of having it exploited. That’s what The Diaries of Kairie Lawless is really about. The changes of the past century have brought forth greatness. My children for example, grow up in a world where diversity is known, spoken about and; at least in my house, accepted. However, at the same time they grow up in a world were old fashioned thinking and values, create a rift as big as the Grand Canyon. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against people with faith, or belonging to a religion. As long as they keep in mind that times have changed since the Bible or whatever scripture they follow, was written. Religion itself is a good thing, but just like a weapon it can be a danger in the wrong hands or minds. Sadly I more often find religion in the wrong hands, then in the right ones. No matter if Christian, Hindu, Muslim or any other believe group.

Our world is slowly splitting into two sides, those who feel like someone not believing the same way they do, having the same sexual orientation as they do and so on, are a threat to society. And on the other side, those who belong in that category and want nothing more than be who they are, without having to hide.

If nothing else, the elections this year showed that rift, this gigantic split and the willingness to blame. It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump wins the elections, he has already won in other ways. He widened the rift, made it more prominent and he made obvious how many are willing to push others into that rift. Born out of the hatred and bigotry, The Diaries of Kairie Lawless were born. Telling you the story of a kid that grows up as that hatred takes on shape, forms into an entity and by the time she reaches adulthood has turned into a living weapon.

The world has been at this point many times before and each time it ended with bloodshed worse than the last time. I don’t like bloodshed, and I believe that even the vilest mind, would hesitate to push that button that will completely destroy our world. However, there are things worse than death.

This book tells of that world. One were being part of what makes our world diverse, is a crime. Where tolerating, supporting and accepting diversity is just as much a crime, if not worse.Where labels become names and designations. It tells of a world that is far too possible and should never come to pass. But most of all, of one woman willing to sacrifice everything to fight that world.

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The Diaries of Kairie Lawless

What happens when Donald #Trump wins the election? It’s a question many ask themselves or others, and personally I believe that if he wins, he will bring forth nothing good. The man is power hungry in my opinion, and his morals and ethics more than just doubtful. However, if he wins or not, this election period with him as candidate brought forth the darkness in many people. He fueled the hate and bigotry, furthered prejudice and supported diversity. He made promises that can be taken two ways. Saying things like he is building a wall, to protect. But a wall can also be used as a jail. That criminal elements have to be removed, subdued, and deported. But what if those criminals are citizens? What if he starts deciding what is a crime?

84 years ago another man said similar things and led Germany down a path that ended in millions of death and the #holocaust. Yet I don’t believe that Donald Trump is the same kind of man as Adolf #Hitler was, he is a different kind of evil, but evil none the less.

The Diaries of Kairie Lawless is a dark story of what I believe this man is capable of and what might happen to America in a worst case scenario. It’s #dystopian, because one man’s #Utopia might be hell for a whole nation, minus a few fanatics. There is #romance, because love will life on even in a world of darkness. Yet, Kairie isn’t a character to be loved, or pitied. The Diaries of Kairie Lawless tell the story of a girl that was forced to be someone she wasn’t. That was thrown into a world of pain and suffering, ripped from the life she knew, and tossed into hell. What came out was a fighter, driven by revenge. Willing to use any and all means to bring back #freedom.

Find out what I think might be in the cards if the elections end with Trump winning. The story is pure fiction of course, and only inspired by the #elections2016. Pre-order The Diaries of Kairie Lawless now

Promotion part 2 / Blurbs, Snippets, Tidbits or whatever you want to call it

Let’s get started, remember part one, where I talked about social media, if not you can read that here because you kind of need it. Ok, all caught up so let’s move forward. Posting short parts of your book can be a powerful tool to get new readers and get readers you already have talking about it. Now there are several things you have to think about doing this, so let’s go through it step by step.

Personally, I choose those parts while doing the last once over of the book I want to promote. How to decide? I’m sure somewhere out in the World Wide Web is a guide for this, I go by gut instinct and common sense. The parts I chose are usually emotional, telling about one or more characters but don’t reveal much of the plot. They hint at what to expect but never more, don’t use parts that are vital to the plot development and could be considered spoilers. The length is different, at least with me. Sometimes it’s just one or two sentences, at other times it’s a whole scene.

Now whenever I don’t get carried away, I post those snippets (let’s stay with that definition) on my blog and share it from there to all other social media as described in part one. If I do get carried away, they end up on Facebook first, something I try to avoid but often break my own rule. Once I posted it to all social media I post it in Facebook groups that allow more than just posts about the books, be careful and read the rules of each group so you don’t get thrown out. Some groups don’t want to see blurbs, but most have no problem with it.

Now, there are two ways to present those snippets. One is to simply have the text, add the cover of your book and the link and post that. You could use some emoticons or put something like —ATTENTION— on top to make it more noticeable. Sadly, Facebook doesn’t give you much in things of variation, not bold or italic to set things apart, leaving you no other choice but to use paragraphs and upper case lettering to do so. Which brings me to the second and in my experience a more effective way of presenting your snippet.

As a graphic. If you have no idea about how to add text to a graphic or about working with graphics then don’t do it until you learned. A snipped on a bad graphic will only have the wrong effect and as with anything, there are rules to this as well. Stick with the first version until you are certain you can do the second. Now, here are two examples for what I mean….

Utopian saga visitor blurb collection

First rule and one of the most important ones is, don’t steal graphics. I know how tempting it is to simply go on Google and type in whatever you think would represent your book well and get the first picture/graphic you like. However, that’s stealing and violating copyright. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to buy an expensive photo or graphic. There are hundreds of portals offering free graphics and photos, just make sure it’s under a CO0 license or one that allows you to use it for commercial use. Personally, I use this one often, it has a great selection and what I like a lot is that if I have a great success with one specific snippet and think it is because of the graphic, I can go back and donate to the artist.

Now once you have the graphic and your snippet you combine them to something like what you see in the examples above. Feel free to make several as I have from different parts of the book. Then post them on your blog and share it with your social media accounts, in addition you can post them in Facebook groups, Google+ communities or other writing communities you might have joined over time. You can use the same principle to spread reviews, if you have any, place them where your snippet would go and then go through the same process. Over time you might find out which snipped works the best and use that one more often than others.


Have you ever gone to one of those comedy shows, where the comedian stands on the stage and makes fun of you and anyone else in the crowd? Yet instead of getting angry, threatening with fists for the insult or insulting back, you laugh. Why? I have no f***ing clue. To me, it’s a riddle. One I have observed many times over and that inspired me to experiment a little last year when I participated for the first time in NaNoWriMo (2015).
A story, a mystery and crime where the main character interacts with you, the reader. My son calls it breaking the fourth dimension. Lucy Cain is one hell of a complicated woman, with a hidden temper. A temper, you the reader get to see when nobody else in the story does. Because you are the visitor in her mind, as she and Sam Wilcox meet over something as simple as a building project, that quickly turns into the search for a woman looking like Lucy and somehow it seems, she might be related to her.
The problem is, Lucy is not happy with you intruding, at first. Imagine Deadpool meets Jeff Dunham as they play Sherlock Holmes.
Rant Cover new pre order signNow available for pre-order with an introduction price of 1.99 US

One of my beta readers said: “I never laughed so much reading a mystery”

another told me: “I never realized how funny it is being yelled at.”

My husband said: “It’s funny and captivating,  but most of all engaging.” but of course his opinion is biased.  But to me it’s a compliment because usually, he doesn’t like what I write, it’s too mushy in his mind.

Behind the scene of a self-publishing author

This is a little bit of a rant, but lately I hear far too often that I (and many other self-publishing authors) are charging too much for our books. WTF… 1.99 or 2.99 is too much? Buying a book is something someone does for pleasure or because they are looking for information on a certain topic, right? Right!
Now the same people who say that have no problem spending 20$ to go into a movie, or 5$ to enter the swimming pool, or 15$ to go into the zoo and watch polar bears play. They have no trouble paying a traditional published author/publishing house 15$ for an eBook. Yet 1.99 is too much.
When I ask those people what they think they are paying for they look at me and most answer, “Words.”
Only recently I spoke to some people about the writing process and explained to them what work is involved into getting a book out all on your own. Because according to myth, there is a book in everyone and everyone can publish these days. Both statements I’m not generally refuting, but it takes a certain kind of person to put in the work.
First of all, most self-publishing authors do put in that work in addition to a full time job, family, friends, and housekeeping. Others like me who are chronically ill and can’t work or hold a job and yet aren’t ill enough for disability, have no other source of income. Of course you will find the odd one who has enough money to write full time and has not to care if they make they make money with it.
So keep in mind when you think 1.99 or 2.99 is too much that someone might be living of that money.
Now what goes into a book? Words of course, but they don’t just appear on blank pages. Most authors spend hours on research, I know I do. For my Utopian Sage alone I spend two months of research on ancient Celts, myths, legends and religion. After that came six months of writing the drafts of all five books, rewrites, edits, more rewrites and edits until after two years the first book saw the market. Then you have to add the hours spend on designing a cover design and on formatting the book. So that’s what, let’s say an average of five hours a day, for two years with a six day week to be on the lower end of numbers. That’s 3650 hours at least going into the first book, meaning you pay me as author when you buy my book 0.00082 per hour. Could you get a handyman to work for that, or a sales clerk or a truck driver? I don’t think so.
On Waiting in the Wings, where I didn’t have that much research I spend about six or seven hundred hours, that’s about 30 full days, or 60 twelve hour days, and invested 800 dollar for editing. While only making about 2 dollar tops on a sale. Meaning I need to sell 400 eBooks just to get the edit back, but you think 2.99 is too much to pay.
Yet all of those numbers are irrelevant for most authors, including me. Because we don’t write and publish just for the money, but because we want to tell a story and share it with the world. You don’t pay us for our time or the money we invested, but for entertainment. Most of us can’t afford a professional editor, or we would need to charge even more. So next time you open a reading sample and get annoyed over the use of an oxford comma or a misspelled word, remember how much work went into that mistake, because you pay us for those as well. Because no matter the mistake, you pay for the story not just words.

The Immortal Druid, book 1 in the Utopian Saga coming soon

Promotion publishing dateThousands of years ago events were set in motion to save the human race from extinction and lead them into the future. Fate wove and entwined bloodlines, so in the end there would one powerful woman and one powerful man, leading her children to Utopia.
Lisa Longshire is the last in a long line of courageous and powerful woman, and when her unusual dreams lead her to Toronto, she takes the first steps towards a destiny that will either make her the most powerful woman alive, or destroy her.
Alastair McScath has long given up hope of finding his fated mate, and stopped looking centuries ago. If not for his brother Condan and his endless meddling, Lisa would have never crossed his path.
A net of intrigue, romance and danger is set in motion, the only guidance a prophecy promising them dark times and horror before they can reach their goal. If they survive that long.

Embark on an epic journey on April 27th, and keep Alastair and Lisa company as they discover love and what it takes to survive destiny. Pre-Order Available here

Social Media not Selfish Media

It about a year since I started using social media as a tool to promote and sell my work. And I never expected it to be easy, yet neither did I expect it this hard. Until I created my first page on Facebook, I had no way of seeing how many people came to my profile or what posts they clicked on. And even with the page, it took several Likes before that statistic was offered to me.
Now, social media is a great tool to get the word out about your product, and in fact, there are a lot of groups on Facebook alone specialized on book promotion and anything related to book writing and publishing. Yet the whole thing has a great big flaw. That not many seem to understand the concept of social in social media.
First of all, after joining many of those groups dedicated to book promotion, of bringing authors and readers together, I realized that all I saw happening was spamming. One post after another showing nothing more than the book cover, and a link to where to buy. Not many took the time to at least copy and paste the text from the back of their book into those posts. Nothing that I would consider an effort to engage readers. For a while, I tried the same, emulating other authors in hopes of better success.
I knew in my guts that it was a wrong move, but everyone was doing it that way, so it had to have merit. Well, it doesn’t. I watched my stats on my website, amazon, Smashwords and my author page of course. My visitors count went to down almost zero during that trail run. I looked at other author pages, seeing that many did the same on their page as they did in those groups. Posting one generic post after another, without saying anything about their book other than price and where to buy it.
In the end, I returned to my not generic posts and tried to be more engaging in my posts. My stats went up again, but not by much.
For a while, I sat back and simply observed until I felt like I knew what was wrong and why social media wasn’t working the way it should, in regards to promotion. So let me tell you what my conclusion is. We are selfish, not thinking further than our own interests and by all means, I’m no exception.
As Indie authors, we all struggle to make sales. We all spend hours on promotion and drumming up readers in the hopes of creating a fan base. We are in fact all in the same boat, and it’s barely floating. Yet instead of actually helping each other, we see each other as competition.
I didn’t just observe what was going on in general, but also my own behavior. So to make this clear, I am counting myself to those selfish and nearsighted authors who aren’t that social.
The big problem is that when, as authors, we join a promotion group we don’t actually know that there are readers there. Most of the time all I see is authors posting their books, and as said earlier, in a non-engaging way. Yet that wouldn’t be so bad if we would share those posts more often than not.
Success with social media is based on the snowball effect, it’s how posts go viral, and how you reach the largest possible audience.
Let’s make an example. I have 100 likes on my page, meaning if I post 100 people get it on their timeline or page feed. Now the book I’m promoting might only be of interest for 2 -5 people out of those 100, and only 1 might like it so much that they feel like sharing. And that’s where the problem begins. We only take into account what we like, not what those we are connected to might like. Many of us participate in Like shares, or follow shares on Twitter, but how about we share our posts a little bit more often.
Don’t get me wrong it is nice to meet other authors, I love hanging out with some and the exchange of knowledge is priceless. However, most authors don’t actually buy books from other indie authors, but from bestseller novelists because we want to learn what they already know.
Meaning, those hundreds of authors we are connected to because we shared likes, are not our customers. However, we are each other’s beginning of a snowball. We all have readers that follow us, friends, family, aquatics and others from the industry. If instead of ignoring the promotional posts of our fellow authors, we would share them with our readership, who might find it interesting, even if we don’t, and they do the same, then we have the snowball effect, social media is supposed to have.
The problem is that we think of each other often as competition, but you know what, as a reader I follow more than one author. Ranging from young adult novels to mature reads I like at least 20 or somewhere around that number, which I follow closely. Another 50 or something in that area I like enough to keep eyes out from time to time and check what they have new.
Our readers aren’t married to us, if I were to look for comparison, it would be a harem. Readers collect authors like the Sheik collects his women. There are enough readers to share.
And even if not, thanks to our Like exchanges we have authors from genres that aren’t the one we write in. I, for example, write mostly fantasy and fiction romances with erotic. I might not want to promote another author from that area, but as there is a wide variety of genres, there are also readers that aren’t just romance readers, or just fantasy readers. My readers might enjoy a gardening book or a historical romance, they might like a sex free read sometimes, so why don’t I share those posts? Because until now, I was selfish and didn’t want to share my readers, didn’t want to risk losing even one to another author. I was stupid.
We all should share posts from other authors, spread the word within our readership. Share it and say something like, “this sounds like an interesting book” or “look at this beautiful cover” or, and this one I will use often myself from now on, “Hey look at that, this one is on sale.”
We don’t need to read the books we share, or even like them or be interested in them because the people we are connected to might.
The summary of all of that is:
Don’t just post a link, but write engaging and informative posts.
Share with your followers posts even when they aren’t interesting to you. Find a reason to share them. Topic, cover design, because it’s on sale.
Use social media the way it’s supposed to work, be social and support each other.

Happy New Year 2016

2015 is at its end and it was a good year, an existing year and one I will look back at with fondness. I learned a lot about my job as an author, about how to get a book ready for publishing and how to get it published. I learned about marketing and the hard work that is involved in publishing indie.
However there is still a lot to learn, and so much more to experience. What will the next year bring, what have it planned for 2016 so far?
Well first thing I will do is publish my Bio, when I have finished it of course. If nothing goes wrong I should look a date somewhere in February.
Then I’m planning on working on my NaNo Novel again, getting that one ready for publish for around summer I guess.
At the moment I have the first book of my Utopian Saga with someone who will do the first edit for me. So I can go over it one more time before deciding what to do. At the moment I’m leaning on trying to get them published the traditional way. Meaning I have to write a lot of query letters and synopsis… which is why I’m hesitating, I suck in keeping it short and to the point, or showing all the aspects and facets of my story in just a few sentences.
What else, well you will find more cover designs on Nicole’s Word and Art World, as well as more promotional tool designs. I know I haven’t done much in that are lately, but it’s hard to work on a book and on designs at the same time.
Otherwise I haven’t made any plans yet, but I’m sure as the year unfolds I will find more to do, more ways to promote, and write many articles for my blog to share those things with you.
I wish all of you a Happy 2016 and all the luck you can get for the New Year.

Can you believe that?

Since Waiting in the Wings was republished after being professionally edited by 3Pediting, I tried to get local stores to sell it for me. Not that I had much success with that but besides that I got the most ridicules excuse this week. You know I can life with, “sorry but I don’t want to take the risk.” Or something like, “sorry but your just not known enough to make me any money.” I get that, I grew up in business and know the risk they take, by placing me in their inventory. But I got the most amusing and ridicules excuse a little while ago.
I live in a small town of around 2000 people, out in the prairie, where you find more churches then schools and kiddy places together. It’s a quiet town, peaceful, and yet there is always something going on it seems. Anyway, it’s your average town, and the population is mixed in age.
One of the businesses I talked to, that serves mostly customers in the age group of 30 to 90 looked at my book. They sell from several other independent authors from the area. I left them a copy so they could read through it, and came back a little more than a week later.
The store owner then informed me very nicely, …drumroll… “I didn’t read it, I just opened it to one side and well… it was quit sexual. I since most of our customers are pious, God fearing folks, and many of them older, I think they might be offended. You know they are just too old for something like this.”
I was quiet torn when he looked at me apologetic, because for one the upper range of customer age in statistics is around 54 years of age. I also know that the main age range of his customer is around that age, it was one of the reasons I hoped to sell there. The other reason was, I had 10 books on my backseat destined for delivery in the old folk’s home. All of the people who had ordered one over the age of 75.
When I delivered them I had to bite my tongue not to tell them what the store owner thought of them.
Here a link to one of many statistics
To fellow authors, I don’t know about you, but I think I’m going advertise more in old folks homes, so far I had my best sales there.