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The Immortal Druid, book 1 in the Utopian Saga coming soon

Promotion publishing dateThousands of years ago events were set in motion to save the human race from extinction and lead them into the future. Fate wove and entwined bloodlines, so in the end there would one powerful woman and one powerful man, leading her children to Utopia.
Lisa Longshire is the last in a long line of courageous and powerful woman, and when her unusual dreams lead her to Toronto, she takes the first steps towards a destiny that will either make her the most powerful woman alive, or destroy her.
Alastair McScath has long given up hope of finding his fated mate, and stopped looking centuries ago. If not for his brother Condan and his endless meddling, Lisa would have never crossed his path.
A net of intrigue, romance and danger is set in motion, the only guidance a prophecy promising them dark times and horror before they can reach their goal. If they survive that long.

Embark on an epic journey on April 27th, and keep Alastair and Lisa company as they discover love and what it takes to survive destiny. Pre-Order Available here

Promotion, promotion, promotion

That’s the mantra of any hard working independent author. There are many ways to promote your latest work, or yourself, and your work in general. Most of us know the social network channels like Twitter, Facebook, Linkin and so on. Yet there are ways outside of the cyber world, and those are just as important. Connecting face to face with the reader is (at least in my opinion) the most important and the scariest thing you have to do.
How do you connect with your readers?
I go to any and all trade shows I can reach and afford, sometimes team up with other authors to lower the cost for each of us. As long as our genres don’t collide too much, that always works out fine. Yet even when not on a trade show, farmers market or book fair, there are always situations you can use to promote. One of those I want to talk about today, the business card.
Business cards are a great tool, and easier to bring under the folk as you might think. How often are you asked at a checkout for your phone number or email address? How often do you have to give your name, address or phone number to, for example a handy man, contractor, doctor, dentist and so on? Sure you know those things by heart, can spell them out for whoever is asking, or could just write it down yourself, but why would you? Why not use the opportunity to inconspicuously promote your work?
Most business cards you get handed have a front, sometimes with picture, but almost always with nothing in the back. What a waste of space.
Most of us know that pitching is one of the most important things, an author should be able to do. Surmise your work/book in one or two short sentences. Bait the reader, publisher, agent with just that one short combination of words. Then pray they bite.
You can use your business cards as a fishing pole. In the front like all business cards are your information, with the cover of your book / latest book worked within. A nice little arrow, heart, infinity sign, pointing to the backside, letting the one you hand it to, know there is more. On the back of the card is your bait, your pitch or blurb.
When the cashier asks for your phone number, hand him a card, tell him to keep it. Same when you fill out an application, when you get asked for your postal code, or hire a contractor. Even if the person you gave it to has no interest, he has seen and most likely read it. The cashier might leave it at the till, and the next shift will find it and be interested. Perhaps the handyman puts it on his desk, and his secretary finds it, or your dentist’s assistant keeps it, and your dentist is your next customer. Another might take it home to his wife, daughter, sister or mother. Don’t underestimate the power of the business card. Always throw the fishing pole (business card) and dangle the bait.
Happy fishing


business card waiting wings back


waiting wings card front business

Waiting in the Wings now available new and improved

Waiting in the Wings is here, new and improved after extensive editing. As promised earlier this year, I had the book with a professional editor. Thanks to 3Pediting the spelling and grammar mistakes are now a thing of the past. At least in the book, I’m sure you will find plenty in my posts and advertisement.
Aside from getting rid of the spelling, grammar and punctuation problem, we also went over the plot, making a completely new story without taking the old one away.
We changed the perspective from first person present tense to third person past tense. There are more information about the main characters, and about their history together. Thanks to my editor I learned a lot about how to make my writing better, how to bring my characters more into the readers head or the other way around I guess.
In order to make visually clear that even as it is the same story, it’s at the same time not, the book also got a new cover. I’m sure I haven’t changed it everywhere yet, I put the info out on to many places that I would find them all. Sad, I know. But you can see which version you are getting by looking at the cover, and I would suggest you read the new version, it’s so much better.

To other authors out there, don’t make the same mistake I did. Even if you have someone who will check over your spelling without trying to be kind by not doing a good job, the experience an editor shares with you, the way they look at your story, it’s worth it’s money. They see what others don’t see or don’t want to tell you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. The editor gets paid for telling you, or for not sparing your feelings.

waiting in the wings front cover

Waiting in the Wings almost ready, keep your eyes open

New and improved

Finally I have my new and improved, professionally edited manuscript of Waiting in the Wings back. Thanks to 3Pediting the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes are gone and nothing but a bad memory and a lesson learned.
Soon as I have all the formatting for e-book and print version done I will release this new version into the world. To make sure there is a difference anyone can see I also designed a new cover.

cover old and newSo keep your eyes peeled for the new cover, it will be used for e-book and paperback.
Aside for having the manuscript corrected in spelling and grammar, 3Pediting also helped me to refine the plot and make my story not just good but so much more.
The book will be available over all the usual distribution channels, like Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and Barns&Noble for 2.99 as regular price. However in the first week I will put it on sale for only 0.99 .
Keep your eyes open for the day the cover changes.

PenBuzz New community for writers

Yesterday while innocently tweeting tidbits from my new book while editing, I was nicely invited to check out this new community for writers. PenBuzz if fairly new and had only a handful of members yet, but the concept idea is interesting. Especially since there are not that many members yet, new members find their way around easily, so best time to join. Since joining is free you don’t take a risk of losing anything, but the potential to gain is huge. In time, the community might grow and attack Editors, Agents and publishers besides other writers. With those, joining the low amount of members is even more interesting, since within a small community it will be easier to attract attention from those we writers want to attract, potential buyers for our work.
Check it out if it is for you, if it is take advantage of it. Spread the word of your work, build up your author platform, it’s part of our job just as much a writing a wonderful story others want to read.