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Introducing Peachy the happy peach.

Peachy was originally created for a crowd-sourcing competition, with a totally different context. The little guy didn’t have a face, arms, or legs at that point, just his funny hair and a tie. Still, when I looked at it I smiled and fell in love with the little feller. Once the competition was finished and lost I stared at the little guy and didn’t want to let him go.

I assume all of you know the phrase “everything is peachy”, even if it is an older saying. That phrase simply didn’t want to go out of my head. So, I did the worst thing imaginable… I started to think.

Peaches, they are soft, fruity and juicy with a thick skin and hard, strong, unwavering core. They are full of vitamins and when you look at them they have rosy cheeks like a healthy person should have. Peaches represent health, and strong, withstanding characteristics.

With those thoughts in mind, my little peach became a meaning, a soul so to speak. Then it became arms, legs, pants, and expressions. Most importantly it became a mission.

Peachy the happy peach is born and destined to spread happiness, give strength, support and let you know you matter. Peachy is immortal (no age), ASO (All Sexual Orientations or none), All or no religions, disabled or healthy, to save some time and put it simple, Peachy is everything he needs to be, filled with nothing but love and acceptance. He will stand beside and behind you, support you and hold on to you. Peachy stands for all things that are good and never discriminates. With him, everything is peachy….

Donald Trump is not the problem

Donald Trump won the elections, what a bummer. I knew he would even as I hoped he wouldn’t. It wasn’t that I thought Hillary would be a better President, but that I knew people wouldn’t use her as a catalyst for their hate and violence. Donald Trump isn’t the ultimate evil, the devil reincarnate or Hitler’s offspring. He is blunt, passionate in his opinion, stubborn and aggressive. He is what some would call a purist, without subterfuge he tells it as he sees it and believes. He is the personification of change and rebellion in the mind of many. He often shows a no bull mentality and openly and aggressively points out what he believes is wrong with the country. On top of that he is a business man, a manipulator of opportunity and the ultimate politician.

He might not come from years of experience in politics, another thing that made him so attractive to the people, but from building and tearing down, winning and losing financial empires. Business is business no matter if you’re part of the lower income class, middle stand or big league. As someone with a business myself I know that part of being successful is twisting the truth. Hence. I’m not as successful as I could be. Success often comes with a price, with losing a piece of your soul to the devil, with compromises and far too often with a cut throat attitude. In addition to the willingness to take risks no other would be willing to take. Donald Trump impersonates most if not all those trades.

The funny thing is, politicians most of the time share those trades but never, ever show them publicly.

Do I think he will make a good president? No!

Do I think he will change America? Yes! But not for the better. And not because he has nothing but wrong ideas, but because he wasn’t chosen because of his ideals, qualifications or abilities.

He was elected by people who saw him as the catalyst to their need for violence and hatred. He was elected because it gave people an excuse to act out and openly demonstrate what was there all along. Their racism, intolerance and inability to accept what in their mind is wrong or unnatural. He is a danger not just for his ideals, or the things he says.

Yes, he stroked and empowered hatred. But you know what? One person, or even a whole group can only ignite, stroke and further WHAT IS ALREADY THERE!

Donald Trump didn’t give hatred to the American people, he didn’t give them racism, intolerance or bigotry. THEY WERE THERE ALREADY, all he did was give them a open door to step through and out into the open.

Dictators and Tyrants become powerful not because they are powerful alone, but because many stand behind them and give them that power. Hitler, Stalin and so many more would have never been able to do what they did, if not for the people behind and supporting them.

I’m not scared of Donald Trump.

I’m scared of the masses that stand behind him, use his existence for their violence and hate. I’m scared of the 62.2 Million Americans who voted for those open doors. Because you can take Donald Trump away tomorrow, but those 62.2 Million will still be there. Their hate, racism, bigotry and homophobia will still exit. The anger at the establishment will still rage, and the power they think they now have will not ebb with the removal of the catalyst. Because like any transformation, once the process has started, IT CAN’T BE REVERSED.

This is why I started to support movements like #sefetypin and began to design a whole line towards that campaign. But others with the same goal, will be supported by me as well.

Stop the hate, but not by becoming a hater.

Stop the violence, but not by becoming violent.

Stop the discrimination, but not by discriminating others.

I’ll stand up for minorities, I’ll stand up for women’s rights, man’s rights, human rights. I fight for equality and freedom. But most of all I’ll do it with words and arguments, with pictures and facts. I will never hit the hitter, kick the kicker or insult the insulter.

Donald Trump is not the problem, our inability to think beyond the borders we were taught, we created and hold on to, is.

Support good causes. Support good ideals and stand beside those who are being prosecuted for their religion, skin color, disabilities, heritage, gender, or sexual orientation. SAY NO TO HATE.


by Nicole Kiefer

Social Media not Selfish Media

It about a year since I started using social media as a tool to promote and sell my work. And I never expected it to be easy, yet neither did I expect it this hard. Until I created my first page on Facebook, I had no way of seeing how many people came to my profile or what posts they clicked on. And even with the page, it took several Likes before that statistic was offered to me.
Now, social media is a great tool to get the word out about your product, and in fact, there are a lot of groups on Facebook alone specialized on book promotion and anything related to book writing and publishing. Yet the whole thing has a great big flaw. That not many seem to understand the concept of social in social media.
First of all, after joining many of those groups dedicated to book promotion, of bringing authors and readers together, I realized that all I saw happening was spamming. One post after another showing nothing more than the book cover, and a link to where to buy. Not many took the time to at least copy and paste the text from the back of their book into those posts. Nothing that I would consider an effort to engage readers. For a while, I tried the same, emulating other authors in hopes of better success.
I knew in my guts that it was a wrong move, but everyone was doing it that way, so it had to have merit. Well, it doesn’t. I watched my stats on my website, amazon, Smashwords and my author page of course. My visitors count went to down almost zero during that trail run. I looked at other author pages, seeing that many did the same on their page as they did in those groups. Posting one generic post after another, without saying anything about their book other than price and where to buy it.
In the end, I returned to my not generic posts and tried to be more engaging in my posts. My stats went up again, but not by much.
For a while, I sat back and simply observed until I felt like I knew what was wrong and why social media wasn’t working the way it should, in regards to promotion. So let me tell you what my conclusion is. We are selfish, not thinking further than our own interests and by all means, I’m no exception.
As Indie authors, we all struggle to make sales. We all spend hours on promotion and drumming up readers in the hopes of creating a fan base. We are in fact all in the same boat, and it’s barely floating. Yet instead of actually helping each other, we see each other as competition.
I didn’t just observe what was going on in general, but also my own behavior. So to make this clear, I am counting myself to those selfish and nearsighted authors who aren’t that social.
The big problem is that when, as authors, we join a promotion group we don’t actually know that there are readers there. Most of the time all I see is authors posting their books, and as said earlier, in a non-engaging way. Yet that wouldn’t be so bad if we would share those posts more often than not.
Success with social media is based on the snowball effect, it’s how posts go viral, and how you reach the largest possible audience.
Let’s make an example. I have 100 likes on my page, meaning if I post 100 people get it on their timeline or page feed. Now the book I’m promoting might only be of interest for 2 -5 people out of those 100, and only 1 might like it so much that they feel like sharing. And that’s where the problem begins. We only take into account what we like, not what those we are connected to might like. Many of us participate in Like shares, or follow shares on Twitter, but how about we share our posts a little bit more often.
Don’t get me wrong it is nice to meet other authors, I love hanging out with some and the exchange of knowledge is priceless. However, most authors don’t actually buy books from other indie authors, but from bestseller novelists because we want to learn what they already know.
Meaning, those hundreds of authors we are connected to because we shared likes, are not our customers. However, we are each other’s beginning of a snowball. We all have readers that follow us, friends, family, aquatics and others from the industry. If instead of ignoring the promotional posts of our fellow authors, we would share them with our readership, who might find it interesting, even if we don’t, and they do the same, then we have the snowball effect, social media is supposed to have.
The problem is that we think of each other often as competition, but you know what, as a reader I follow more than one author. Ranging from young adult novels to mature reads I like at least 20 or somewhere around that number, which I follow closely. Another 50 or something in that area I like enough to keep eyes out from time to time and check what they have new.
Our readers aren’t married to us, if I were to look for comparison, it would be a harem. Readers collect authors like the Sheik collects his women. There are enough readers to share.
And even if not, thanks to our Like exchanges we have authors from genres that aren’t the one we write in. I, for example, write mostly fantasy and fiction romances with erotic. I might not want to promote another author from that area, but as there is a wide variety of genres, there are also readers that aren’t just romance readers, or just fantasy readers. My readers might enjoy a gardening book or a historical romance, they might like a sex free read sometimes, so why don’t I share those posts? Because until now, I was selfish and didn’t want to share my readers, didn’t want to risk losing even one to another author. I was stupid.
We all should share posts from other authors, spread the word within our readership. Share it and say something like, “this sounds like an interesting book” or “look at this beautiful cover” or, and this one I will use often myself from now on, “Hey look at that, this one is on sale.”
We don’t need to read the books we share, or even like them or be interested in them because the people we are connected to might.
The summary of all of that is:
Don’t just post a link, but write engaging and informative posts.
Share with your followers posts even when they aren’t interesting to you. Find a reason to share them. Topic, cover design, because it’s on sale.
Use social media the way it’s supposed to work, be social and support each other.