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Waiting in the Wings now available new and improved

Waiting in the Wings is here, new and improved after extensive editing. As promised earlier this year, I had the book with a professional editor. Thanks to 3Pediting the spelling and grammar mistakes are now a thing of the past. At least in the book, I’m sure you will find plenty in my posts and advertisement.
Aside from getting rid of the spelling, grammar and punctuation problem, we also went over the plot, making a completely new story without taking the old one away.
We changed the perspective from first person present tense to third person past tense. There are more information about the main characters, and about their history together. Thanks to my editor I learned a lot about how to make my writing better, how to bring my characters more into the readers head or the other way around I guess.
In order to make visually clear that even as it is the same story, it’s at the same time not, the book also got a new cover. I’m sure I haven’t changed it everywhere yet, I put the info out on to many places that I would find them all. Sad, I know. But you can see which version you are getting by looking at the cover, and I would suggest you read the new version, it’s so much better.

To other authors out there, don’t make the same mistake I did. Even if you have someone who will check over your spelling without trying to be kind by not doing a good job, the experience an editor shares with you, the way they look at your story, it’s worth it’s money. They see what others don’t see or don’t want to tell you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. The editor gets paid for telling you, or for not sparing your feelings.

waiting in the wings front cover

Waiting in the Wings almost ready, keep your eyes open

New and improved

Finally I have my new and improved, professionally edited manuscript of Waiting in the Wings back. Thanks to 3Pediting the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes are gone and nothing but a bad memory and a lesson learned.
Soon as I have all the formatting for e-book and print version done I will release this new version into the world. To make sure there is a difference anyone can see I also designed a new cover.

cover old and newSo keep your eyes peeled for the new cover, it will be used for e-book and paperback.
Aside for having the manuscript corrected in spelling and grammar, 3Pediting also helped me to refine the plot and make my story not just good but so much more.
The book will be available over all the usual distribution channels, like Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and Barns&Noble for 2.99 as regular price. However in the first week I will put it on sale for only 0.99 .
Keep your eyes open for the day the cover changes.

Beginner mistakes

I have been asked a little while ago what being and author actually means, what gives me or anyone the right to call ourselves that. Well I thing that the difference between someone who writes for their own pleasure and an author is that the author shares the story written and goes through the process of getting it into a shape that will cater to everyone speaking the language it’s written in.
What I mean is, there are many writers out there, with many good stories, but only a few out of those are willing to go through the process of getting it publishing ready.
Since my first two books where published with a publisher who took care of things like editing, cover design and the publishing process it was quiet shocking to learn what I needed to do to self-publish, and like many others I stumbled and fell and needed to learn from my mistakes that were mostly caused by being overly confident.
So I decided to let you in on my mistakes, maybe you learn from them as I did, or maybe you laugh at me for making them.

Mistake No 1
No listening to the advice from those who know.

There is lots of info out in the world wide web, advice over advice from authors that made mistakes and share them, including tips of how to avoid them.
Well I flat out ignored all of it, thinking since I had been discovered by a publisher I must be a great author.


Mistake No 2
Not taking time to gain distance

Most authors, and I belong to that group now as well, will tell you to step away. Meaning to edit so long until you think you are done, then close the file and step away for a week or two or three. Gain some distance.
I didn’t.
Instead the moment I thought I was done I handed it to some friends, asking one of them to do the edit while the others read it. (Another mistake more detailed in the next section)
The second I got it back I just run through the comments and corrections and then right into publishing.

Big mistake!

Mistake No 3
Using a friend as editor

Even after reading the warnings of others not to use a friend as editor, I thought that’s just stupid advice. Whoever wrote it must have had bad friends, or was just out of luck. So when I thought I had the best story ever, I gave it a friend who was A- native Canadian, B- and English teacher and C-as I believed totally honest.
I was totally wrong on the last account. My friend knew I’m dyslexic, knew I wanted to publish the story but didn’t know that I was serious to make money with it as well.
She meant well but did only correct the most obvious mistakes because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings by sending the document back riddled with red all over.

The result was that I published a story with so many mistakes that those who read it had a hard time concentrating on the story, while trying to figure out what I actually was writing.

Don’t use friends for the final edit. Advice I should have listened to.

Mistake No 4
Ignoring hints form fellow authors

When I put my first excerpt up other independent authors commented, hinting that it was riddled with mistakes. I ignored them. Why? I don’t really know, mostly because I didn’t want to hear it. Still I went through the story one more time (still too close to it to see anything) and found nothing amiss. I promoted the release date, thinking all those who hinted just feared the competition. (Yes, sometimes I’m really full of myself.)

Don’t ignore fellow authors when they tell you that something isn’t right!

Mistake No 5
Not taking the time to check the end product.

When self-publishing it’s important the end product is readable, not just in the way of spelling and grammar, but also in the way the text flows throughout the pages, how it looks.
I read this, and it was said on every publishing platform but I just wanted the book to be out there and I had set myself a date and was going to stick with it no matter what. Yet when choosing the date I hadn’t expected it to be so much work to actually get an e-book together.
In the end the page layout was horrible, there were pages only half filled, then empty ones in between and sometimes not more than two sentences on a page.
It’s easy enough to correct those with an e-book and I did, but I made the same mistake with the print version. Not waiting to actually hold the real deal in my hands I already hit the publishing button. Now I’m just glad nobody ordered.

Make sure the end product looks good and readable. It is annoying when you pay for a book that has 400 pages only because the pages aren’t really filled. The customer will feel cheated.

Mistake No 6

Once your book is on the market, there will be people telling you what they think using the review function. And if you made all the mistakes above, those reviews will not be kind. At least mine weren’t. Now most authors are proud of their product, and it hurts reading how much you messed up.
If by the time you get those kinds of review you haven’t started fixing the mistakes you made, they should be you wake up call. Don’t get defensive and act like the reader doesn’t know what they are talking about, I have seen those. Luckily to me this was the point I woke up.

When getting bad reviews, take the book off, make it for free and apologize then fix it.

To summarize this article, and come back to the initial question. An author are those to me who learn not to make those mistakes, who spend the money on a professional editor, (unless they find one working for free) and take their time to make their end product as perfect as possible.

I thought I was one, now I am on the road of becoming one.

To those who had to suffer under my ego, I hope they can forgive me and when the new and improved version of Waiting in the Wings (the book I made all those mistakes with) comes out they will read it again and find me not so lacking anymore. Won’t be long now that I will see if working like a real author will pay of, soon I will be able to publish the professionally edited version and with a new cover I hope the distinction between the first version and the new one will be clear and people will see that I worked on fixing my mistakes.

Advise I can only give like many others and hope you are not as stupid as I was.


waiting wings chain3 coming soon

I hate to bitch… but….

At first, I am grateful to life in this country, I love Canada and I love Manitoba, but … when it comes to Literature Manitoba sucks. If you want to proof me wrong, please do so, maybe I am just too unexperienced to find what I am looking for.
I love the people around here, the warmth and welcoming atmosphere and I know that I life in a province that is mostly farming. However, you know what, Farmers read, Farmers woman read, and their children do as well. Some of them even write… consider that, isn’t it a wonder. At least it seems that it must be because when it comes to literature Manitoba is a black hole.
When I began to write again about a year ago one of the things I was looking for was an editor nearby that I could meet in person, I hate doing business with a faceless person. Except for a few non-fiction editors I couldn’t find one, same counts for publishers, unless I wanted to print a newspaper.
In my kids school and as far as I know every other school reading is something the kids get encouraged to do, most schools offer a library on the grounds, others work with public libraries together. Scholastic is holding book fairs twice a year in our school here and in many others throughout Manitoba.
Yet when you hit adulthood that is over, no more guidance, no more book fairs, nothing. For writers it’s even worse, there are no writers conferences anywhere in Manitoba, at least I couldn’t find one.
The thing is, I believe that for both would be a venue, I know I am not the only independent author living in Manitoba. Neither am I the only avid reader in Manitoba, I know that because I know some others as well, most of them have become my test readers.
I am no fair expert, have no clue about how to organize one or who to approach, but I think we need something in Manitoba representing the written word. I thought if we could band together, by we I mean the independent authors in Manitoba, we could rent a boot at the Royal Manitoba Winter fair next year and present our work there. Maybe if we have enough writers that are signed with big publishers we might even be able to find enough people and publisher to have our own book fair or literature fair, I don’t know. It’s just that I think Manitoba is greatly forgotten when it comes to literature. What do you think?

Available now

The day is finally here, Waiting in the Wings is now available on all major E-book platforms and as Paperback on Amazon. Her the ISBN’s for you so you can find it easily.
EBook ISBN 9781311442109
Paperback ISBN 1508957878
For those who are visual seekers like me, here the cover so you know what to look for.

waiting in the wings print version ebook large










You can find the book trailer on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QD7N6OwJ9Tk
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Please rate and review the book if you can spare the time, your comments are only helping me to improve myself and the books I write. So feel free to say what you didn’t like, just don’t become insulting, those kind of comments have to either be deleted or edited and I would hate to have to do that.

I hope you like the story as much as I liked writing it.

Pre order starts now.

Pre-order now until April 1 get 20% off using this coupon SH83F if you order here https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/528147

Alternatively, order it with Kobo, Kindle or Barns & Noble and many more.

To anyone who buys it, thank you in advance. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. I would be happy to hear or rather read your opinion if you want to give it. Here https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25168999-waiting-in-the-wings you can rate my book and leave a review if you like.

Other ways of contacting me can be found on my website www.nicolekiefer.com