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Book Cover Design

An appealing and intriguing book cover is almost as important as the book it contains. It is what your reader sees first, what will lure him to pick it up and open it, it’s your ice breaker, your lure and bait.

Now that said, not every author has the talent, resources or time to design their own book cover. Which is why I offer my service for as low a price as I can.

You can check out my store where I offer pre-designed cover. The choices are constantly growing, since I design a new one whenever I can spare the time. Nicoles Art World

However, if you can’t find something that will fit your story, but like my work, then contact me, I do custom designs.

What I need from you is a summary of your story (what it is about), the overall mood it should convey (fear, darkness, horror, crime, bloody, drama, romance, happy…. ), any ideas you have yourself and want incorporated, or if you have something that is a must… like a woman with red hair, or a man with a scar across his face. And of course, the Title and the author name / pen name you want on the cover.

Basic Fee is $80.00 Cad and then it depends on how complex and time consuming the cover is. I will design several for you to choose from.

If from all the covers I design for you, you don’t like anything, you don’t get charged.

If you are interested, contact me at customdesign@nicolekiefer.com

Here are a few examples:


Alien breakthroughplanet earth in the starry background,abstract










soldier propertywedding










skull castledragon mystic angel man and dock









skull w sword Deadly drugs bloody skull









romance 6 moon struck dark man in moon

New Book Cover designs and photos daily

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New book Cover designs are now online on Nicole’s Word and Art world. And there are coming more on a daily basis. But not just e-book cover already set to the standard size of 1600 x 2400 pix but you also find photos that you can use to build your own cover design. One or several of them might inspire you to design you own cover. All pictures are royalty free without restrictions or conditions other than the law. Once you bought the photo you can cut, resize, mutilate and cut it up as you like, until you design the cover you wanted.
All book cover designs are royalty free as well, to design them I only use my own photos or for commercial used licensed pictures, photos, clip art, or vector graphic. All of them are royalty free as well so that the person buying the cover design will never have problems with anyone claiming royalties.
Each cover I design is unique even when the same components are used. When the cover design is sold it will be taken of the shop so you have a cover design as unique as your story.
Since I design the covers for my books myself (Example here http://www.nicolekiefer.com/My-Books/my-books.html ) I know how many tries it might take until you have a cover design you really like and then when slept over it might not like it anymore. Which is the reason I never charge more then
$ 5.00 for any book cover design. In addition to pre-designed book covers, and photos I offer to help out building your cover for a small charge depending on the amount of work. If you found a picture in my store and just need it cut to size and text (Title and Authors Name) added, I will charge the minimum additional amount 0f $ 5.00. If I have to cut and paste and adjust a lot I might charge up to the $ 20.00. Payment can be made via PayPal.
If you can’t find anything in my store but like my work, feel free to ask if I would design your cover. All I need from you is the Title, Author Name or Pen Name and a synopsis of your story to get a feel for what it is about. As well as what elements you would like in your cover. For example if you want a strong man in it, or a vulnerable woman, or maybe a sunset. Contact can be made via kieferphoto@nicolekiefer.com and soon as I reviewed your synopsis and expectations I will let you know if I think I can do it and how much I will charge you. If you don’t like the cover I design for you feel free to say so and go somewhere else. I will put the cover I designed up in the store in that case, all rights stay with me until you actually bought it.
I really hope to see you soon in my store, or hear from you and your ideas for the perfect cover for your book.

Online shop now online

Nicole’s Art and Word World my own little online store is now online.
Well, several reasons. If you’re a author as well, and a stay at home mom, or unemployed for whatever reason you know the in-between times. Those times when you wait for your editor to be done with the first, second or third round of editing. The times between books, where inspiration just won’t strike, yet you feel creative.
I hat those times and often use them to play around with photo’s I took, making banners, logos or book cover templates. To me that was always something so easy that I never thought that it’s not something everybody is doing, or able to do.
Until a short time ago someone said, “You know I wish I could do that, I always have to hire someone to do that kind of stuff”
Then out of my own experience I know that it’s not always easy to find royalty free pictures that are available for commercial use, without conditions. Like usage limits, and such.
Out of all of that the idea grew to open my own online shop, selling banner, logos, cover templates and photos. At the moment there are only photos, and not that many, but I will upload more each day. You can pay with credit card, debit card or your PayPal account.
I hope that everything is running great, but if not please drop me a line so I can do my best to fix whatever problem might come up. As you can imagine I’m new to the online shop thing, ergo there might be problems I caused myself.
The best of it is, that I can offer my E-books there as well, and with most products, there is no need for an editor and even much of a spell check. Pictures speak for themselves. Don’t they?
I hope you will check it out and maybe you even find something there you like or need. Nicole’s Art and Word world

Utopia Project the first book

Utopia is a five book series, telling the story of Lisa Longshire and Alastair McScath, but also of King Arthur and his wife, the Goddess Danu and her consort Bile, and the bisexual gods Asclepius and Amun Ra. Each couple has it’s own story, as they walk their path of destiny, before ending up as one group, that soon becomes family, as they face challenges no man should be forced to face.
The Immortal Druid is the first book telling us Lisa and Alastair’s story.
24-Year-old Lisa Longshire travels to Toronto to attend a history seminar, held by Alastair McScath known for his unusual view on history. Not knowing that by doing so she takes the first steps towards her destiny, and her fated mate. Not long and she falls in love with Alastair, unable to fight the intense attraction for long. If only she had known that, her love comes with consequences, with enemies that want to kill and destroy her, and hell to live through. Will they find epic love in the end, or are they doomed unable to overcome the challenges destiny throws at them, to make them stronger and able to save the world from self-destruction.

Information’s to the following books will be published after the first book is signed and published. If you are a publisher or literary agent, feel free to contact me, I gladly send you synapse’s for all five books.