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My political opinion about the Elections in the US 2016

Yoda had it right…

I don’t know if Star Wars or whoever wrote the dialogues came up with it, or stole it from somewhere, but Yoda was right when he said: “FEAR leads to ANGER, ANGER leads to HATE, and HATE leads to SUFFERING.” Now here a version of it that not many will like, or rather two versions.

Version one: “FEAR leads to listening to HITLER, HITLER leads to HATE, and HATE leads to millions of dead people and SUFFERING.”

Version two: “FEAR leads to listening to DONALD TRUMP, DONALD TRUMP leads to HATE, and HATE leads to millions of either dead or forced into slavery people and SUFFERING.”

Now, that, of course, is an extreme statement and a comparison that seems far-fetched, but is it really? And before you think I’m supporting or approving Hillary Clinton, you’re wrong, I’m not. She is just as inadequate and dangerous as Donald Trump, just in a different way. Hillary Clinton will run the country so deep into the ground, it might never get up again.

To put it in a nutshell, AMERICA IS SCREWED!!! BIG TIME.

So what’s left to say, who should you vote, and why not vote for a man who seems to say all the right things, promise all you want and need, and gives you hope? After all, the devil that gives you what you want is better than the devil that takes, right?

So let me try to explain my very biased opinion and the statement made above. I know I’m getting in trouble for this, at least with anyone supporting Trump, and that’s your right so feel free to troll me afterward and spew your hate at me, there is a delete button for that, as well as one to block you.

Let me make a comparison, and start with Germany after WW1 when Hitler showed up and grew in power. Aside from what you learn in history, I knew a lot about that time from people who actually were there at that time. Germany was defeated, in more than just one way. The retribution payments were draining an already bankrupted government. A government that was more like a puppet theater for the victors. Or that’s how it seemed to most Germans. Many were starving, the crime rate was high so was the unemployment rate. Morals were down, to the point of desperation. Many FEARED the future. Even when things began to get better, the fear was still there, simply because it wasn’t getting better fast enough.

Now let’s look at America today. People FEAR terror attacks by religious extremist groups, no matter which one. Crime rates are high so are unemployment rates. Each year more immigrants and refugees flood into the country, bringing their culture, language, but also their problems with them. Far too many life in poverty and the government is overpaid. Morals are down, while violence is rising. Many FEAR the future. And even when things get better for a spell, it’s not fast enough and not good enough.

Those fears, those worries, lead to ANGER.

Back then in Germany that anger was at first directed towards the victors in World War 1 and the weak government. It was kind of a widespread anger, just simmering because there was nothing that could be done. Until one man came along and directed that anger, stroke it and fueled it. He gave those who wanted something to blame, exactly what they wanted and a target. That target was the Jew’s, and Hitler was the man who knew how to stroke that anger, focus it and fuel it into HATE.

Then I look at the United States and can see the same kind of fear and widespread anger, as well as the disappointment into their government, is currently found all over the country.  I’m not saying, that those feelings shouldn’t be there, quite the contrary. The people have a right to be angry, but so had the Germans. And like them the anger isn’t really directed at anyone group or person, people are just angry because they fear what the future will bring if nothing changes. And just like the Germans back when it’s a justified fear born of facts. Yet there is Donald Trump, and I can see it when watching his speeches and rally’s, how he is directing that anger, focusing it and fueling it. Until it becomes HATE.

Well, we all know or should know where the German hate leads to. Millions dead and Germany once more in ruins with millions SUFFERING. Yoda was right.

Will Yoda be right in regards to Donald Trump? Let’s hope not.

However, as an author, I have imagination and the endless urge to create a hypothetical outcome. To me we are at the point where Donald Trump focuses the anger of the people, directs it and strokes it into hate. Now, Donald Trump is not Hitler no matter how many similarities there are. He is a business man, power-hungry and a scam artist. Ergo, the outcome of what he does with the hatred will be different.

At first, Donald Trump will make good on his promises, because if you boil it down, a country is nothing but a really big company. In order to keep his promises he will make subtle changes in laws, small stuff at first, bigger stuff in time, all phrased and propagandized as good for the American people. He most likely will pull back military forces, reduce or eliminate support for other countries, because America comes first, and slowly but steadily separate America from other countries. That way he will create more work within the country and the unemployment rate will drop. He will increase law enforcement, and support it with the military personal he pulled back. Reducing the crime rate alone by increasing police presence. He will reduce the money politicians make and funnel that money into education and health care. He will increase screening processes for refugees, deport unwanted refugees and make the immigration process harder. Reducing terror attacks from outside forces in the long run. Sounds good, doesn’t it. So what the hell am I complaining about, right?

All I said will be what is shown, public and the outside facade. While behind it all Donald Trump will work on his own selfish goals. As I said, Donald Trump is power-hungry, but in order to gain reach outside of the US, he first needs the US tightly under his thumb. During the campaign he slipped from time to time, letting people see what his thoughts are towards people not white, not Christian, not heterosexual are. Of course, those were all things the press misunderstood and blew out of proportion. Which will be the reason he will start with the press, because they are corrupt… so they need to be controlled and forced to report only the truth, as seen by Donald Trump.

Now that there is a sufficient amount of military and police force within the country it will be easy to begin targeting undesired people, making them look like criminals, as individuals and groups willing to disrupted and destroy the peace. Those will become a threat to the country and need to be removed, yet they are citizens after all. Using a subdued and controlled press will help make those he thinks of as desired see the truth that those individuals and groups need to be dealt with.

Now unlike Hitler I don’t believe Donald Trump would open killing camps, he is a businessman and anyone who can work would be a waste. He would open work camps, forcing those he thinks of as a threat to work for the benefit of the better Americans. Once that is set up to his satisfaction, he will move on to increase his power into other countries. Not necessarily by war, but by turning them towards his own way of thinking.

We already see in several countries in Europe how liked his hatred supporting talk is, hell they already cheer for him, and he isn’t even trying to get their support.

Do us all a favor America, don’t vote Trump. Because voting Trump is Voting hate.


The thoughts behind The Diaries of Kairie Lawless

The Diaries of Kairie Lawless are the expression of my fears if Donald Trump becomes elected President of the United States. Mothe diaries of Kiarie Lawless 5 front smallst of it is and exaggeration, fears taken to an extreme, yet still they are fears and I have a reason to have them. A reason I would like to explain, and maybe some will see that my fantasy isn’t an impossibility.

Like my main character Kairie I grew up with an agnostic mind set. I don’t claim a religion of my own, but belief that there is more then what we can see or explain with science. I accept and tolerate anyone’s believes, life style, sexual orientation or handicap without judging them by it. I judge people by their actions and how they interact with me. Acceptance and tolerance by the way, is not the same as liking and understanding it, but that’s just something to throw out there. In any case, since I grew up in Germany and my grandparents where born and raised during Hitler’s reign, I also know a little about how people felt back them. In addition to what you learn in school and through being interested in history. And as much as I hate to compare a modern man with Hitler, I can’t help but see the similarities in this year’s elections.

When Hitler came into the picture in Germany, the country was devastated after WW1, the victors had all the power and the Germans felt like they had nothing. Well, in many ways they didn’t, but that’s no reason to start another war. However, the Germans were scared of the often violent actions of the victors, they were starving, had not right of weapons and thought themselves defenceless, morals were down, crime rates and unemployment rates were up. It was the perfect breeding ground for hatred, because it was already there, already smoldering in the ruins of a country, it just needed some fuel.

America is scared of religious extremist’s terror attacks, and with god reason. The never ending flood of immigrants and refugees has impacted economics, crime, unemployment and much more and made the country a not so great place. People are sick and tired of paying taxes to support a corrupt and already overplayed government. They feel threatened by the rising crime rates and feel they need a weapon to protect themselves and when the government talks about restricting those weapons, fear rises. The older generations fear the rapid and to them radical changes in society, especially in regard to the LGBTQ movement. It’s the perfect breeding ground for hatred, all it needs is fuel. Then Donald Trump comes along.

In Germany Hitler boldly pointed out the problems of the country and addressed the fears, promising them to fix them, to make Germany Great Again. He promised to replace the corrupt government, to take back their right to take up arms, to increase the police and military force to protect folk and country from criminals and outside threats. He vowed to lower unemployment rates by creating jobs, and stabilize economics.

I hear Donald Trump making the same promises, taking up the same vows and use the same double meaning language as Hitler has. The only difference is Hitler blamed most of the problems on the Jew’s residing in Germany. He had only singled out one group, or has he? Sadly no, it’s a misconception to say it was only the Jew’s. It was mostly the Jew’s, yes, but there were disabled people, mentally challenged ones, gays, and many others that didn’t fit the picture of a perfect German in Hitler’s mind.

Now, Donald Trump is not Hitler and I don’t belief he ever will be. Donald Trump is not a raging lunatic with a God complex. I actually think Donald Trump is a very intelligent and cunning man. I truly think / fear he will make good on his promises if he is elected. The thing is, so did Hitler before he turned it all into something else.

Yet, like with the President in my book, I don’t think that Donald Trump would go and open up camps to extinguish those he considers less valuable citizens. After all he is a business man. It’s bad business to kill cheap labour forces.

I believe that he will make America Great again, just not the way most think. Neither he nor Hillary Clinton have been convicted of a crime, but both have been accused of many.  Do I think Hillary Clinton is a better choice? NO! Which is the true problem. To me the American People are screwed one way or the other. Hillary will run America into the ground and it might never get up again. Trump will get power hungry and turn the things that made America Great again, against those Americans he doesn’t consider worthy to be American.

Based on those observations, believes and similarities I built my dystopian world, led by Lando Rud. I just hope I’m wrong.