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The first part of the prophecy fulfilled, Alastair and Lisa should be happy upon their return to Scotland. Yet too soon reality catches up with them.
While Lisa struggles with the sudden gain of power and the possibility of being pregnant. As if that wasn’t enough the man who raped and brutalized her is still out there and worse even, he knows she is back.
While helping Lisa to adjust to her new power, Alastair has to deal with the fact that they need to find and resurrect Arthur, his half-brother. Most would think a reunion like that a joyous occasion, but not for Alastair who deeply believes Arthur to be a rapist and a traitor.
Yet there is no way around it, only Arthur can bring forth Excalibur, and they need the Sword of Light to fulfill the prophecy.

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Five books

Four couples

One goal

To save the human race from extinction

It all begins with The Immortal Druid on April 27 / 2016

The Immortal Druid is now available for pre-order to an introduction price of 0.99 and you can get the first chapter for free here….

The Immortal Druid, book 1 in the Utopian Saga coming soon

Promotion publishing dateThousands of years ago events were set in motion to save the human race from extinction and lead them into the future. Fate wove and entwined bloodlines, so in the end there would one powerful woman and one powerful man, leading her children to Utopia.
Lisa Longshire is the last in a long line of courageous and powerful woman, and when her unusual dreams lead her to Toronto, she takes the first steps towards a destiny that will either make her the most powerful woman alive, or destroy her.
Alastair McScath has long given up hope of finding his fated mate, and stopped looking centuries ago. If not for his brother Condan and his endless meddling, Lisa would have never crossed his path.
A net of intrigue, romance and danger is set in motion, the only guidance a prophecy promising them dark times and horror before they can reach their goal. If they survive that long.

Embark on an epic journey on April 27th, and keep Alastair and Lisa company as they discover love and what it takes to survive destiny. Pre-Order Available here

Update Utopian Saga

The Utopian Saga, is born of my love for old legends, myths and history. So many things in our history are unclear, hidden in the mists of time, sometimes making what we know, seem blurry. If it is the Templars, King Arthur or gods and goddesses from mythology. Sunken city’s like Eldorado, continents like Atlantis, or the mystical island of Avalon.
Creatures like the Hydra, that couldn’t have existed, but sprung into existence somehow, ending up in our legends. Something must have inspired it, or was there such a thing, and it’s simply gone without a trace?
Human history has many proven facts, but at the same time is pliable because of its mythology and legends. And there is nothing more fun, then rewriting History as we know it, simply by making what seems to be a myth, a truth.
The Utopian Sage tells not only the love story of Alastair and Lisa, but History as we don’t know it. It tells the story of Atlantis, the many believe systems throughout the ages, the story of the Holy Grail, and King Arthur.
Alastair tells the story of the Celts and their religion, of Avalon and the Druids, because he is the last Merlin, and the first, immortal yet still human.
You will find Arthur resurrected, to fulfill his destiny, finding his wife again, and trying to make right what once he did wrong.
Gods and Goddesses in danger, yet hero’s at the same time.
Find out what happened to the Spear that killed Jesus, and what really happened to Atlantis.
History is amazing, if you take only one part of myth and make it real, all we know, all we believe to know, changes.
And it all begun with one prophecy.

I hope to share in the not all too far away future the stories of Alastair and Lisa, Arthur and Gwen, Danu and Bail and Asclepius and Amun Ra. As four couples, (yes one of the gay) not only try to hold on to love, but to save the world, before darkness and evil dominate without a hope of saving.

Tomorow is the announcement of the Novel Suite 1st chapter competition, where many of you helpt me through your votes to make the first place in the first part of the competition. If I would win, my wish to share this wonderful story with you would come true sooner then I hoped. If not, well, then it will simply take a little bit longer.


The Prophecy that will safe the world

The Prophecy that will safe the world, If Lisa survives trying to fulfill it.

1st place in 1st chapter competition

Thank you to all of you who have voted for The Immortal Druid. Thanks to you I made first place during this first stage of the contest. Now it’s all up to the judges and I can only hope they see it the same way you did.

Thank youHere you can see the top ten of the competition, they/we are all winners in this part.

The Immortal King

cover immortal king coming soonThe Immortal King book 2 of the Utopian Saga

is now in it’s first bit rewrite phase.


Lisa and Alastair have returned from Avalon, stronger and wiser than before. Yet burdened with the fate of the world and the possibility of Lisa being pregnant. The couple begins with their search for Arthur, the king of old and the only one able to lead them to Excalibur the sword of legends and one of the four relics they need to save the world.
While searching Lisa notices how reluctant and hostile Alastair is towards Arthur only to discover that they are half-brothers and Arthur considered a traitor.
When they finally find Arthur he is unable to lead them to Excalibur, and has woken without memory of his crimes. Yet Alastair can’t simply forgive him, making it hard for Lisa to tell him what the Great Mother had told her while rising Arthur from his eternal sleep.
Things escalate when the Fomorii soldiers find a way through the wards, almost succeeding in taking Lisa away. After a fight where Lisa reveals to Alastair her secret, she takes off in her anger to find the owner of Excalibur’s scabbard.
With Arthur at her side they meet the elusive Gwendolyn Lakelet only to find Arthur’s long believed dead wife.
What will happen when they find the scabbard? Will Arthur and Gwen get back together again, and what is Lisa’s secret? No matter how it ends, it might bring them one step closer to save the world before it is to late.


Utopian Saga

The immortal DruidTHE IMMORTAL DRUID is the first book of the five book UTOPIA series. At the moment the book is in the rewrite stage after some very helpful rejections.

The project itself is finished but still needs some polishing, and work. Still I am hoping to either find a bookdeal within the next half a year or to self-publish it if I can’t.

Lisa Longshire travels to Toronto to attend a history seminar, hoping to gain a better understanding of her unusual dreams. The moment she steps on the plane, she takes the first step towards her destiny and her fated mate Alastair. When she meets him for the first time, the sudden attraction overwhelms and scares her, not knowing that it is her fate to be with him.
Alastair who has waited 1500 years to meet Lisa knows he has to move slowly, but his whole being tells him to claim her, to make her his.
While attending the seminar Lisa gets to know Alastair better and after wrestling with her inner conflicts falls in love with him. Not knowing what dangers await her or how much closer she gets to walking the path of her destiny by accepting Alastair as her mate.
When an attempt on her life wakes the genetic memory and deeply rooted magic inside her, Alastair has no other choice but to tell her that she is destined to save the world from damnation. As well as that it is foretold that Lisa will life through hell before she get’s there, but also that she has a choice. She can walk away and let the world burn, living out her life shrouded and hidden with magic but safe. On the other hand, she can go through hell and safe the world with Alastair at her side. What will Lisa choose?

Soon I will post an excerpt of the first few chapters, sign up for the newsletter if you want to be in the group of those who get it first.

Foloowing Titels in the Series:





More information soon as I am in the end stages of those books.

Utopia Series

As some know I started looking for a Publisher, Agent for my Utiopia project. So far I send it out to several publishers and agents, and now I play the waiting game. All five books are done, sure there will be enough spelling and grammer mistakes to make an Editor unhappy, but the story stands, and so far I only got good reactions from my alpha readers.

I keep you up to date, hopefully somone will be interested in it.