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Let me introduce you to Lucy

Tidbit newsletter introductionMeet Lucy, the female main character of my newest novel, one that is giving me the hardest time ever when it comes to deciding in what genre it falls. Why? Because it’s a totally new and unusual way of telling a story. It’s suspense, crime with a hint of romance, but most of all it’s breaking the fourth wall/dimension.

Lucy is not only the main character who tells her story but you – the reader- are inside her head and she knows it. Worse than finding yourself in her head is that she isn’t happy to have you there. She will say and do almost anything to get you to go away, yet is compelled to tell her story. Be prepared to laugh over her behavior or simply jump over the bold parts and enjoy the story without her annoying interruptions. Visitor in my Mind – The Missing Twin is now available for pre-order on Amazon for an introduction price of 1.99