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Utopia Project the first book

Utopia is a five book series, telling the story of Lisa Longshire and Alastair McScath, but also of King Arthur and his wife, the Goddess Danu and her consort Bile, and the bisexual gods Asclepius and Amun Ra. Each couple has it’s own story, as they walk their path of destiny, before ending up as one group, that soon becomes family, as they face challenges no man should be forced to face.
The Immortal Druid is the first book telling us Lisa and Alastair’s story.
24-Year-old Lisa Longshire travels to Toronto to attend a history seminar, held by Alastair McScath known for his unusual view on history. Not knowing that by doing so she takes the first steps towards her destiny, and her fated mate. Not long and she falls in love with Alastair, unable to fight the intense attraction for long. If only she had known that, her love comes with consequences, with enemies that want to kill and destroy her, and hell to live through. Will they find epic love in the end, or are they doomed unable to overcome the challenges destiny throws at them, to make them stronger and able to save the world from self-destruction.

Information’s to the following books will be published after the first book is signed and published. If you are a publisher or literary agent, feel free to contact me, I gladly send you synapse’s for all five books.