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Introducing Peachy the happy peach.

Peachy was originally created for a crowd-sourcing competition, with a totally different context. The little guy didn’t have a face, arms, or legs at that point, just his funny hair and a tie. Still, when I looked at it I smiled and fell in love with the little feller. Once the competition was finished and lost I stared at the little guy and didn’t want to let him go.

I assume all of you know the phrase “everything is peachy”, even if it is an older saying. That phrase simply didn’t want to go out of my head. So, I did the worst thing imaginable… I started to think.

Peaches, they are soft, fruity and juicy with a thick skin and hard, strong, unwavering core. They are full of vitamins and when you look at them they have rosy cheeks like a healthy person should have. Peaches represent health, and strong, withstanding characteristics.

With those thoughts in mind, my little peach became a meaning, a soul so to speak. Then it became arms, legs, pants, and expressions. Most importantly it became a mission.

Peachy the happy peach is born and destined to spread happiness, give strength, support and let you know you matter. Peachy is immortal (no age), ASO (All Sexual Orientations or none), All or no religions, disabled or healthy, to save some time and put it simple, Peachy is everything he needs to be, filled with nothing but love and acceptance. He will stand beside and behind you, support you and hold on to you. Peachy stands for all things that are good and never discriminates. With him, everything is peachy….

What’s the best thing about being a writer?

A question I have been asked on more than one occasion.

A writer is a waiver of worlds, a creator of dreams and kindler of hope.

In my stories I can pick up topics that are controversial, or some sort of taboo in some societies. I can pick up problems from abuse, victimization, breast feeding, politics, over things like disabilities, sexual lifestyle, sexual orientation to things like history, future of our race, or where I believe we’ll end up as such.

I can create worlds in which problems have a solution, outsiders are in the inside and differences are accepted, understood and even welcome.  By doing so and sharing my story with others, I might touch the heart of some, and leave a little of those dreams and hopes behind. Shaping some small part of a person, that in the end might touch a real person’s life for the better.

Writers all throughout history have done exactly that, and in some cases the written word was the greatest weapon of all. Toppling governments, changing societies and impacting the way people look at life. Many writers impacted my life, made me think and dream, and made me a better person. I want to do the same.

However, that isn’t all writing is to me, and if you expect me to say something like it’s a great source of income, you are wrong.

Writing is freedom of mind. A way of letting go frustrations, rage, depressions and all kinds of feelings we usually hide behind a mask. A mask that comes off and slips when giving voice to a character. No matter how farfetched a character might be, all have a little bit of the writer in them. Yet at the same time not one character is a full representation of the writers mind, heart and soul. Never more than a fragment of us goes into the character.

Yet by handing over some piece of us, we free ourselves of it. Writing is good for the soul, no matter if you write with the intent to share or just keep a diary for yourself.