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Two days for free

For two days The Immortal Druid will be free. Take that chance and get started with this epic saga.




I love making book trailers, not just because they are a great way to promote, but because I can unleash a different kind of creativity by doing it. Which is why without further ado here is the book trailer to The Immortal Druid.

If you liked it give it a thumbs up, and if it intrigued you pre-order The immortal Druid on Amazon here… it’s only 0.99 US during pre-order.

The Bookmark

The Bookmark

When reading a paperback, many of us use a bookmark if we have one. Bookmarks come in all forms and sizes, different colors, motives and messages.
To an independent author it’s one of the cheapest and most powerful promotional tools. Every customer of you can use one, since he/she just bought a book to read. If that person likes your book the bookmark will remind her/him of you, every time it ends up in their hands.

Now nothing against the traditional bookmark made of thick paper or thin carton. They are cheap, mass produced and still fulfilling their intended use. Yet they never last long, at least not for me. I read in the bathtub, they draw in moisture. I push my book in a corner, they bend. I need to write something down, they get used as notepad. In short, they are easily abused, and quickly done for.

From the first book I sold to today I put one bookmark in each book I sell. At first I bought them, but they weren’t personalized enough for my taste, or too expensive. On top of that I find them easily abused and discarded.

Now I design them myself, specific to the book it’s supposed to end up in. Considering tax + shipping and handling, I actually end up spending less on them then when I order them online. On top of that mine are laminated. No problem with water, bending or getting written on. I know not every author has that opportunity, that’s why I offer it to other authors.

The benefits of a specialized bookmark is that you can say thanks for buying your book and promote another. You can promote your website or distributors, or your shop if you have one. The laminate gives the bookmark a nice gloss effect and makes it stable and water proof. Hell, you can drop it in the sink and nothing will happen to it. Do that with a standard bookmark.
Cost wise, it’s like with everything else, the larger your order the lesser the price per piece. I sell mine for as low as $0.72 a piece, tax and shipping not included.
Bookmarks are one of those promotional tools no author should miss out on. You can find my prices here, mark front promo