Formatting for dyslexic readers

About 15% of the North American population has been diagnosed with Dyslexia, however, there are many undiagnosed and even more with other disabilities that make reading harder. Depending on what statistic you read, we would end up somewhere in the 30%-40% range of people troubled by reading, to different degrees.

With some simple changes in a manuscript, special font and formatting we can make it easier for those people to access the world of books as we do.

Thanks to print on demand options we as indie authors can utilize this market by introducing a special edition for dyslexia affected people. Using special font’s, and formatting we can open up new worlds for those with dyslexia and at the same time serve a market niche big publishers don’t care about.

I offer to do that special formatting of you manuscript, so you don’t have to research and worry about it.


under 50.000             $15.00 Cad

50.000 – 75.000         $20.00 Cad

75.000 – 90.000         $25.00 Cad

90.000 – 120.000       $30.00 Cad

120.000 – 150.000     $35.00 Cad

150.00 and up price by negotiation

The formatting process will take me between 5 and 14 days

If you’re interested in this service, contact me at

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  1. Ducky says:

    This is such an excellent service. So many fall through the cracks when all it takes is a bit of different formatting to make them able to read. Being a huge reader, I can’t imagine a world without books. I’m very impressed with this service and the heart behind it.

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