The Immortal King

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All about book two of the Utopian Saga, The Immortal King


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The world Lisa and Alastair returned to is darker and more violent, changed in so many ways. Yet, within that darkness, Lisa finds love, kindness, and most of all, hope, as she connects with the planet’s endless power. It is that hope and the love she shares with Alastair that keeps her grounded, as the power tries to drag her into the darkness.
While trying to get a handle on her newly increased power and searching for King Arthur, the couple must deal with a potential pregnancy. Yet, when Lisa learns that Arthur is not just a legendary king but a potential traitor, rapist, and worst of all family, the couple’s relationship ends up on the backburner, where it slowly simmers.
When they finally find Arthur, nothing is as it seemed. Full of hidden secrets and unknown plots, the past reaches out to them, quickly the situation reaches a boiling point. Once again, the couple must face danger and win or mankind will be extinct.
Only this time, they are not alone.

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The first part of the prophecy fulfilled, Alastair and Lisa should be happy upon their return to Scotland. Yet too soon reality catches up with them.
While Lisa struggles with the sudden gain of power and the possibility of being pregnant. As if that wasn’t enough the man who raped and brutalized her is still out there and worse even, he knows she is back.
While helping Lisa to adjust to her new power, Alastair has to deal with the fact that they need to find and resurrect Arthur, his half-brother. Most would think a reunion like that a joyous occasion, but not for Alastair who deeply believes Arthur to be a rapist and a traitor.
Yet there is no way around it, only Arthur can bring forth Excalibur, and they need the Sword of Light to fulfill the prophecy.

The Immortal King

cover immortal king coming soonThe Immortal King book 2 of the Utopian Saga

is now in it’s first bit rewrite phase.


Lisa and Alastair have returned from Avalon, stronger and wiser than before. Yet burdened with the fate of the world and the possibility of Lisa being pregnant. The couple begins with their search for Arthur, the king of old and the only one able to lead them to Excalibur the sword of legends and one of the four relics they need to save the world.
While searching Lisa notices how reluctant and hostile Alastair is towards Arthur only to discover that they are half-brothers and Arthur considered a traitor.
When they finally find Arthur he is unable to lead them to Excalibur, and has woken without memory of his crimes. Yet Alastair can’t simply forgive him, making it hard for Lisa to tell him what the Great Mother had told her while rising Arthur from his eternal sleep.
Things escalate when the Fomorii soldiers find a way through the wards, almost succeeding in taking Lisa away. After a fight where Lisa reveals to Alastair her secret, she takes off in her anger to find the owner of Excalibur’s scabbard.
With Arthur at her side they meet the elusive Gwendolyn Lakelet only to find Arthur’s long believed dead wife.
What will happen when they find the scabbard? Will Arthur and Gwen get back together again, and what is Lisa’s secret? No matter how it ends, it might bring them one step closer to save the world before it is to late.