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Where art comes from

Where art comes from…

During this winter season as I went to trade shows, bazaars, and arts and crafts sales I was asked several times where my art comes from, where my ideas and inspiration came from. A question I couldn’t answer as easily as I would have liked, simply because I never thought about it.

No matter if it is writing, design or photography or any other form of art, it’s origin is unique to the person. At least that’s what I believe. Every person sees the same thing a little differently or even different. I look at a sunset and it’s beauty, the burning sky, the play of shadow and dimming light, takes my breath away. So… where does art come from?

Over the last few months I thought a lot about that and not just when asked and in the peril of trying to explain it. Where do my stories come from? Where do patters, pictures and designs come from? Why do I take a picture of the things I photograph?

I think the answer is the soul. Something deep inside us that simply needs to be expressed. A deep need to share that passion, emotion, or beauty only I can see and express the way I see it. Does this make sense to anyone but me? Maybe… maybe not.

When I write a book, it gives me the chance to not only tell a story but to shape the world in a way I want it to be, or create one I would like to be at. To bring characters to life I would like to meet or to fight. I can express my political, ethnical, and religious views, without making it obvious or offending. Most of all I can give it the happy ending we all deserve but rarely get in reality. Quite frankly, when writing, I can play god to my own little universe and have no competition.

It’s similar with art. I can express with colors, photoshopping, drawing and forming lines into shapes how I feel about a topic or in general. I can create something beautiful from nothing and share it with others. I can (within the rights of copyright) take something and reshape it, give something already existing a new meaning. With every art piece that springs into existence through the use of my hands and mind, I give birth to something new and unique.

I think, art comes from deep within us and reflects who we are, how we feel and think and what we dream about. Art is freedom, creation and expression.

New additional store with Zazzle

Some of you might have wondered where I have been, what I was doing and why the hell I haven’t written anything lately. Well, for once The Immortal King is being edited as I write this and my editor and I are working hard to have it all done by December 1st. So while I’m waiting and since I’m hating to stare at the ceiling not sure what to do with myself, I started working with Zazzle and have been designing like mad, or like bored.

And since I don’t like mixing up my writing with my designing too much, I opened up a new blog dedicated to nothing but my merchandise design. This blog will show you my newest designs, inform you about special offers and promotions done by Zazzle, and give you the option to contact me to talk about custom designs.

Custom designs can be anything, from your wedding picture to your own art on any article offered by Zazzle. If you are looking for a special gift but aren’t sure how to put it on the item you want it at, or simply don’t have the software to make it fitting, let me know and I’ll help out for a small, affordable fee. If you’re an author and want to hand out pens, bookmarks, keychains, t-shirts or anything and need your cover or logo fitted to it, let me know and I’ll do it for you.

So, that’s where I have been and what I was doing. But no worry, I haven’t stopped writing or anything, just biding my time until we have The Immortal King perfect so I can work on the next book and the next idea.

Review for Waiting in the Wings

Here is a wonderful review for Waiting in the Wings on Goodreads, thank you to the author of it. I wish more people would leave reviews, especially if they liked the book. And here is where you can buy it or read it for free as Kindle Unlimited

Waiting in the Wings featured in the Librery corner / Killarney guide

Today my book Waiting in the Wings was featured in the library corner in the Killarney guide. I am very grateful for the statement of Gloria Kinley at the end after my synopsis. Thank you very much.


Waiting in the Wings:
A husband who suddenly dies, a lover who regrets, and a stalker who wants to possess. All are linked through one woman, and she has no idea what lays in wait for her. When Sara’s husband dies, 20 years of marriage that made her lose much of her self-respect, her confidence, and her hope of love, are over.
The only reason she hadn’t lost all hope, all confidence, and was able to cling to some of it, was
Benjamin. Her first love, best friend, and the only person she ever trusted enough to share her desires, dreams, and successes with. If only she hadn’t. When Sara tells Benjamin about Henry’s death, she
realizes what she did by being so open. When he offers to come to her, to hold and help her, she panics and cuts all ties with him. Yet while Sara struggles with her freedom, and Benjamin fights for her
heart, another plans to have Sara – to possess her, and to deliver her to God when he is done with her.

Waiting In The Wings, by local writer Nicole Kiefer, delivers a story so unique it will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to find out more.

Written for the Library corner, Killarney Guide by Gloria Kinley

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Alternatively, order it with Kobo, Kindle or Barns & Noble and many more.

To anyone who buys it, thank you in advance. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. I would be happy to hear or rather read your opinion if you want to give it. Here you can rate my book and leave a review if you like.

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