waitingwingsebookA husband who suddenly dies, a lover who regrets and a stalker who wants to possess. All are linked through one woman, and she has no idea what lays in wait for her.
When Sara's husband suddenly dies, twenty years of marriage that made her loose much of herself, her self-respect, confidence and hope of love are over. The only reason she hadn't lost all hope, all confidence, but was able to cling to some of it was Benjamin. Her first love, best friend and the only person she ever trusted enough to share her desires, dreams and successes with. If only she hadn't. When Sara tells Benjamin about Henry's death she realizes what she did by being so open. When he offers to come to her, to hold and help her, she panics and cuts all ties with him.
However Benjamin isn't as easily deterred as Sara thinks. For twenty years he had waited, now the time has come to get her back.
Yet while Lisa struggles with her freedom and Benjamin fights for her heart, another plans to have Sara, to possess her and to deliver her to God when he is done with her.

This was the first novel I published in English and was professionally edited by 3P Editing. It started out as a way to cope with my fears when my husband had a hernia and ended up in the ER only to go on to an operating table. However, it quickly became more and far more intense, complicated and hot. There are a lot of fears, hopes and dreams of my own reflected in this story. It is still fiction and as much as parts of my own life are within the pages, it is not a biography of any kind. Still, there was one topic I wanted to address with this story that is important to me, not because I lived through it, but because I watched another go through it. Emotional abuse! Physical abuse can often be spotted, a broken arm is hard to hide, a broken heart on the other hand might never be seen. Physical abuse is bad, wrong and if you think someone you know is physically abuses, help them in any way you can, don’t stand by doing nothing. But emotional abuse is invisible to most. A partner taking away the feeling of worth, beauty, self-respect and making them depended on the abuser. Victims hiding their pain behind a smile, while inside they wither and die. Woman and man alike who come out of such relationships, if they manage to get out, are often unable and unwilling to trust again. Just because the abuser is out of the picture doesn't make everything right. The damage done can last a lifetime and repairing it is hard work and needs a lot of help and support. 1 in 4 suicides are caused by emotional abuse by a life partner.

I made the female character in my book strong, a woman that has endured but gotten stronger because of it. She is not real. There women out there that can get over the abuse they suffered, but not as easy as I let my character cope with it. If you are a victim of emotional abuse or suspect someone being a victim, call the National domestic violence hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or visit their website for more information’s and chat options at http://www.thehotline.org/ Don’t let suicide be the option a victim can see to get out of their tortures life.

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Waiting in the Wings

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