rant 3d bookLucy Cain is a hardened businesswoman, with a hidden temper and a deeply installed dislike towards men. When her parents had died she took their company to the next level and now she is ready to go even further. But when she meets with the potential general contractor for her project, Sam Wilcox, she finds herself talked into dinner with him. As if it wasn't bad enough for her to find herself at dinner with a man, he next confronts her with a picture that should be impossible. Because it showed him and her in an intimate setting.
Flabbergasted she tells him that it wasn't her, but her curiosity is woken and when she tells her secretary, who was with the company and her parents throughout it all, she learns of a twin she hadn't known of. A twin who supposedly was stillborn, yet soon as Lucy begins investigating, coincidences, missing papers, and unexpected connections turn up. Knowing that Sam has just as much a right to know as her, Lucy tells him about her findings and they rapidly get drawn into a dangerous adventure as they search for her missing twin sister.
What's unusual about this story is how it is told. Imagine Deadpool meets Jeff Dunham and they play Sherlock Holmes. Only as Lucy knows you are there, reading her story, she is not happy about it. Be prepared to be yelled at as well as to laugh about her antiques and escapades as she tries to make you leave her alone.

This was my first and so far only novel written through NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writer Month) and it was the most fun I had while writing. It was edited by a fellow author to minimize the amount of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. It’s an unusual way of telling a story but I think normal is something everyone can do, right? However, if your easily offended and have no sense of humor, it’s probably not for you.

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The Missing Twin

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