immortal king 3d bookThe world Lisa and Alastair returned to is darker and more violent, changed in so many ways. Yet, within that darkness, Lisa finds love, kindness, and most of all, hope, as she connects with the planet’s endless power. It is that hope and the love she shares with Alastair that keeps her grounded, as the power tries to drag her into the darkness.
While trying to get a handle on her newly increased power and searching for King Arthur, the couple must deal with a potential pregnancy. Yet, when Lisa learns that Arthur is not just a legendary king but a potential traitor, rapist, and worst of all family, the couple’s relationship ends up on the backburner, where it slowly simmers.
When they finally find Arthur, nothing is as it seemed. Full of hidden secrets and unknown plots, the past reaches out to them, quickly the situation reaches a boiling point. Once again, the couple must face danger and win or mankind will be extinct.
Only this time, they are not alone.


The Immortal King continues to tell the story of Lisa and Alastair, but Arthur Pendragon and his beloved Gwen will be joining quickly. Together the two couples have to fight again, survive and persist, or mankind might perish.

Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with the story of King Arthur and the many variations of it. I never cared if he was real or not, and even as I hadn't planned on it, he made a wonderful fit into my story. This book is professionally edited by Editor Leigh Hogan, whom I thank for her great work and dedication to this project. I know it’s hard to correct the writing of a dyslexic.

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The Immortal King

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