ebook kairieFour years go by as Kairie grows from a teen into a young woman. Years in which she watches the world around her change. Seeing how it became less tolerant, more cruel, discriminating and violent towards minorities. Changes she hates to see but is unable to stop.
When it seems like President Rud won’t be elected again Kairie sees an end to it all and hopes for better times. Then the worst night of her life happens, and many of the subtle changes done over the years are put in a new light, as President Lando Rud takes the country in one swift, violent and devastating move.
When the next day begins Kairie’s world has drastically and irrevocably changed, and not for the better. Being different is a crime, being tolerant a capital offense and Kairie encompasses all that now is considered a danger to society, labeling her as a Zero. A person with no rights, no name and no right to a future other than a life in isolation and constant hatred. Yet, in all her misery, pain and grieve Kairie finds a way to fight back. Soon her only goal becomes the most dangerous of goals. To kill the President turned dictator Lando Rud.

I’m usually not much into politics, but I am into history and when it became clearer and clearer that Donald Trump was on his way to become President of the USA I found far to many similarities to another horrible man in the past of Germany. Yet, it wasn't just the political developments that inspired this book, but what was happening in the periphery of it all. Donald Trump was just the catalyst, his words just the the fuel, his innuendos and suggestions nothing more then an excuse for violent acts. If nothing else, the 2016 elections brought forth the worst in people, and made obvious how much we think of others in labels.

Kairie is not the usual heroine, if she is a hero at all. She is a desperate woman who is willing to sacrifice everything to stop the insanity that crept up on everyone and struck them down in one violent move. She isn’t a character to be loved and adored, at times she is designed to be hated and criticized. But, like a soldier, a freedom fighter, or any extremist, she did what she did to free the world of a regime that brought nothing but pain and suffering.

The book is not professionally edited but has been looked over by a few people to reduce the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

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The Diaries of Kairie Lawless

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