dyslexia 3d bookWords spelled right, but out of context
don't make a story, they make a dictionary.
Words assembled with sense, smarts and
Imagination, but spelled wrong, still make a story.

I’m Nicole Kiefer, I’m the author of two publishing house bestsellers in Germany and Waiting in the Wings here in North America, and I’m
I was born with Nail-Patella-Syndrome, I’m dyslexic and I have Fibromyalgia, and this is my story.
When I was born my parents called me their miracle child, because medicine thought my mother wouldn’t be able to conceive.
When I begun school my peers called me stupid, loser and worthless and for some time I believed them. My grades prove in my eyes that they were right.
I was told I would never amount to anything, that with my spelling and grammar I would never get a job that had to do with writing, and never get far in life.
I proved them all wrong when a publisher asked me if I would be willing to publish my work with him.
This book is the story of my life, and part of my life is being dyslexic, which is one of the reasons this book, is and never will be professionally edited. This book is a representation of dyslexic writing, a demonstration that the story matters more then the spelling.
So for this book, forget spelling, forget grammar and forget punctuation, leave all those rules behind and read the story. You might be surprised at what you find.

If you haven’t read it on another page by now, I’m dyslexic but I didn’t always know that. For the first 18 years of my life, I believed it when people told me I had to be stupid since I couldn't spell right. Since then, which are now twenty years, I worked on finding ways to work with and around my dyslexia, to improve my spelling, grammar and punctuation and become a better writer. I usually try to find an editor for my books, but not for this one. I did use what technology I have, like spell-check, grammar check and letting the computer read it back to me. But not even my daughter who usually is my first of several editors was allowed to make changes in this one. Because this book is not just my story, it is an example. With this book I want to show that the story isn’t the spelling. Good spelling, grammar and punctuation improves a story, but it will never be the story. The story is what should count the most.

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My Life with Dyslexia and other Sh**

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