Me and my books

Lets start with the me. Who am I? Well, I'm a dyslexic writer  with not enough money for an expensive editor. If you think I start with that fact to be pitied, you're wrong. I start with it so you know what  to expect and to understand my point of view. And also you can't come  and complain about the mistakes you find, and as much as I hate to say  it, you will find them. Yet, I still write and publish my books, even  with the knowledge that they aren't perfect.


Because to me, as a reader and writer, the story counts. The  plot, the characters, the research done by the writer, and the magic  that pulls me into another world. A world of drama, power, magic,  romance, and so much more. Even as a dyslexic I often find spelling or  grammar mistakes, even in bestseller novels that sold millions of times. They don't bother me. What bothers me is when I find plot holes,  characters badly developed or stories that make no sense and fail to  hold my interest. Yes the technical side of writing is important, and  I'm not saying it's not. Yet, a book that has no technical flaws can  still be terrible because of the story told and how it is told. But I do understand that people get hung up on spelling, grammar and  punctuation. Which is why I put a warning in the front of the books I  published without having and editor look over it.

I always do my best to reduce those kind of mistakes by using  spell checks, grammar checks, and other technological help. In addition  to that I ask friends, family and other authors for help whenever I can. Sometimes I even can afford an editor and that person will be mentioned and recognized within my acknowledgments. So, if you do find mistakes  in books that are edited, complain to the editor. Complain to me about  plot mistakes, or a bad story.

My books:

I didn't plan on becoming a writer, I stumbled into it by  accident. After immigrating to France in 2002 I designed a website to  avoid having to answer repeated questions about how to immigrate in  online communities. That website caught interest with a publisher and he asked if I was willing to make a book out of the information. I told  him that I was dyslexic and expected him to turn away, but instead he  said: “That's what editors are for” Six months later my first book was  published. It was the bestseller of the small publishing house that had  encourage me to get it out into the world, for several weeks. Soon  after, in a fit of self-pity and anger over some hateful words when  promoting the book, I wrote what would become my second book. This one  telling my story, focusing on the hurt and struggle of being dyslexic.  Most of all, about how far too often people placed the ability to spell  right on the same level as intelligence. When I asked my publisher what  he thought he signed the book faster then I could have ever dreamed.  Within a year I had been published twice and that gave me the courage to consider writing down the stories I had always had in my head.

However, out of private reasons we left France less then a year after the second book was published (Dec. 2006) and immigrated to  Canada in 2007. Faced with a whole new set of problems, changes and  experiences I put writing on the back burner. Then at the end of 2008 my publisher went out of business and I found myself at loose ends.  Finding a new publisher in Germany was too much of a hustle and my  English wasn't good enough to write my books in English. I thought I was done writing and for some time I was. Focusing on family, work and  establishing a new life.

That changed again when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in  2011 and had to face the fact that at some point working as a cook would become too hard and too taxing. Out of the fear of having to give up my job and unsure what else I might be able to do I returned to writing.  My English now much improved, I began to feel my way around writing in  my new most favorite language.

I published the first one as Independent publisher in 2015 and  have published five more since them. I also made the two books I had  published in Germany available as ebooks at Smashword.

I loved writing them and still want to  share them with others. However, my true passion I discovered was in  romance, fantasy and fiction, not in facts and giving advice. I did  rewrite my own story however, because I wanted to share my story with  others in more then just the German language. Still, my biography will  be the only non-fiction book I plan on writing.

You could say I fell in love with  love, with the worlds and characters other authors created and the way  their stories made me feel. I also always loved fantasy, history and the mysteries life can throw at you. All of that, I use in my own writing.  Some books are simple romance with no explicit scenes, where you as the  reader may feel free to imagine what might happen behind closed doors.  In others I go all out, letting you feel in detail how intimate my  characters get. Leaving you not much to imagine, but a lot to dream  about. In some there is magic that might make things easier, or harder  at times. Sometimes I save the world, and sometimes I kill and maul for  the pleasure of a psychopath. No matter what happens throughout the  story, my goal is always a happy ending, because in real life, we don’t  get that often enough.

When I write, and I hope that goes  for those who read my work as well, I lose myself in a world I dream up  and that takes me away from reality. Some of my stories, like Waiting in the Wings, are set in the real world, with real world problems and  drama. Others are set in a world of magic, where dragons talk, fate is a person and Druids walk the earth wielding magic. So I invite you to  explore those world and forget reality with it’s terror attacks, wars,  pains and suffering. Leave them behind and dive in a world you know you  can escape by closing the book, if you can that is.Once you're done  leave a review, unless you want to complain about spelling, grammar or  punctuation, then please don't. As I said the unedited books have a  warning and it is well known that my books contain mistakes, no need to  rub it in.

Before I forget, aside from being able to order all my books through Amazon or Smashwords, you can order signed copies through my online store.

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Me and my books

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