The Artist in me

Let’s start this section by a quote by Henry Ward Beecher, I wish I had found and understood about twenty years ago.

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.

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My father was someone who liked the old masters, who painted in oil on canvas, or sculpted with marble. He liked the ones who were long dead and their art could be seen only in a museum. My mom didn’t have much interest in art at all, yet ran a printing business for years. Using art created by artists in the form of clip-arts to enhance the designs she was hired to create and print. To her those weren't art. A flowing text that made you stare, a line drawing that made you look closer, or a caricature that made you think, wasn’t art. Only full drawn pictures of landscapes, objects or people was art. For the longest time I had the same mindset and comparing my work with the great masters, came out lacking of course. They are called great masters for a reason. One of them I think is that they are dead and many of them died poor, only becoming a great master once they were dead. So, I decided a long time ago I didn’t want to be a great master, since you obviously had to die to become one.

color explosion smallOver time as I worked more and more in design I realized that my point of view was more then just off, it was plain and simple wrong. Art is boundless, limitless and has as many facets as a rainbow or the universe has stars. The creation of art isn’t limited to paintings created on canvas with oil, or sculptures hewn from marble. A font created, a line drawing or a photograph is just as much art as anything else. It doesn’t matter if it was created with a camara, on a canvas or with a computer program, as long as it expresses something, it’s art. Art doesn’t need to be understood and explained, it needs to be felt. Art doesn’t always need to make sense, sometimes it’s noting but the expression of a feeling or the combination of feelings.

Art is freedom, without limits, rules and boundaries. Sometimes the meaning of an art-piece is obvious and plain to see, at other times everyone sees something different in it. Aside from that, art has become easily distributed and shared thanks to modern technology. Maybe you are like me and don’t strife for the fame you might gain by being showcased in a large gallery, Maybe you don’t even care about the fortune you can make with your art. Personally, I Black bird on lakewouldn’t mind the fortune. But more then either of those, I want to share my art and make somone else smile, think, or feel with it. I sell my art through several online stores (you find them at the right side of this page) on T-shirts, canvas and photo prints, cell phone cases and much more. I do all my art on the computer, some is photo-shopped, some is fully drawn by me and others are a combination of it.

I photograph, draw, paint, manipulate the photos I took and even do some 3D710x528_19096964_11142114_1496948401.jpg rendering and recently started working my way into creating 3D printed jewelery and kaychains. Which is much harder then I thought it would be, but fun.

Some of my art is inspired by an emotion. I might feel angry, heartbroken, happy or exited and my way of coping with my emotions is putting it in a piece of art. With that in mind, each work of mine has a little story and sometimes I share that story in the description. Yet, you might not see the same thing when looking at my art, because it reflect my soul. But sometimes you might find that you see exactly the same, feel the same and even if you don’t want to, or can’t buy it, feel free to comment on it in my online stores, to like it or to share it if you see it on my facebook or twitter feed.

mothers loveOther art is inspired by a definite meaning, like this one. I moved to Canada ten years ago and never regretted that decision, but sometimes I miss my family. I miss the hugs and kind or encouraging words my mom would give when life seemed to hard to bear. I don’t need mothers day to feel that way and to think of her, or miss her. Out of that feeling, I created this and share it with anyone who wants it. I am a mother, but I’m also a daughter and in this design I tried to convey how important both is. If I where rich I would give my art away for free, but I’m not and have to charge some money on top of what the printers want, not because I’m a stone heart business woman, but because bills need to be paid, and kids need to be clothed, fed and educated.

For more about my art and where to buy it go to my designer website or come and visit me on one of the events I participate in. You can find the dates and places in my event calendar.



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