The Utopian Saga

This book series is basically done, well the stories are, but there is still a lot of fine tuning and rewriting to do. The first book of the series is now at the stage where I will send it to a professional editor. Well, soon as I have the money together.
The other books are still in the stage where I have to over it again and again until I’m satisfied with them.
The Utopian Saga is a series of five books.
The Immortal Druid publishing dare April 27 2016
The Immortal King published December 1st 2016
The Immortal Good planned for summer 2017
The travel through the world tree
The road through Atlantis

In The Immortal Druid, Lisa Longshire and Alastair meet. She believing to be nothing more than a history mayor, which has unusual dreams. He knowing she is his fated mate, and the one destined to save the world.
The Immortal Druid second cover edition ebook
When Lisa travels to Toronto to attend Alastair’s history seminar, she has no idea that her life is about to change in every aspect. When checking into her hotel, she meets Alastair’s brother Condan, who later picks her up for dinner and arranges a meeting between Lisa and Alastair.
Never before has Lisa felt such and intense and sudden attraction to a man, it hit’s her so hard, it scares her. Yet she can’t help herself to be fascinated by him as well, as if an invisible force is pulling and pushing she can’t simply ignore him. Instead she falls for him more and more every minute they spent together, until she can no longer deny it, she has fallen in love. No matter that it seems impossible to love someone within a few day’s, no matter that a quiet voice is telling her that if she lets herself love him, there is no way back from it, she finally gives in.
After spending two amazing day’s with him, Lisa feels on top of the world, only to almost die when her unknown enemy the Fomorii send an assassin.
Fighting for her life, Lisa discovers that inside her is a part she didn’t know about, a warrior queen, able to fight like no other. Letting her genetic memory guide her, she has almost defeated her attacker when Alastair and Condan storm in and kill the assailant.
As if her sudden knowledge of fighting wasn’t enough, she has even more trouble to believe that she saw Alastair’s arm transforming into a silver armored arm, with a sword as large as the man holding it, only to see both of it vanish in the blink of an eye.
The events force Alastair to tell her about her destiny and that he is a 1500 year old druid, with magical powers, something they have in common, only Lisa hadn’t known so far. When she tries to deny it, tells herself and them that they are mentally disturbed, Condan mentions her dreams.
Assuming Condan read her dream diary somehow, she storm out, angry, scared and confused. Yelling at them to not follow her, to not even try to contact her. Unknowingly using the magical spell of voice, compelling them to follow her instruction.
Luckily her magic isn’t that strong or focused yet, that the brothers are stuck in her suite forever. Still they can do nothing to stop her, nothing to protect her should the Fomorii send another assassin.

Learn how Lisa and Alastair find their way back together, how they go through hell and back…. Read Excerpt here (PDF File)

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5 star ID 1

5 star review Immortal Druid

The Immortal King new frontThe Immortal King – Book 2 of the Utopian Saga

To them ten months have passed, but in the real world 15 years have gone by when Lisa and Alastair return to his estate in Scotland. When Lisa steps upon the ground for the first time, her new developed powers connect her with the life force of the planet. All the good, the evil, the happy and the pain slam into her like a sledge hammer, almost overwhelming her. Only with Alastair’s help is she able to gain control of it, and knows now of all the evil that has befallen the planet in the years they spent healing. Lisa can feel the pain and sorrow, the violence and envy, but also the good, the love and acceptance that still lives in people. It makes her decision easy, she will do what she can to save the world, and she will fulfill her destiny.
If only it where that easy, acceptance was the first and easiest step. Soon she learns what has happened in all those years, of the wars, the poverty and the raising crime rates. Spending their first evening with Alastair’s groundkeeper, they hear of all the bad, but see all the good right in front of them. During the talk Lisa realizes that the last night she had spent in Alastair’s arms, the night she had chosen him and this world, might result in pregnancy.
Shocked she fears his reaction as much as what a child would mean in the situation they were. When she tells him of the possibility, he assures her, but her worry won’t vanish until she can take a test.
None the less they spend the next day’s reacquainting themselves, and their bodies, thanks to their groundkeepers wife who brought protection.
Too soon they have to return to reality, knowing they can’t prolong their search for the one who would lead them to the next relict. Lisa had everything set up to search for Arthur, the king of old, the king of legend and to her surprise Alastair’s half-brother. Hatred glows in his eyes every time they speak of Arthur, to Alastair he is a traitor, a tyrant and egomaniac.
When they finally find him, the great goddess Lisa invoked takes Alastair’s knowledge and copies it into Arthur, giving him the tools to be useful in this new era.
When Arthur wakes for the first time, they discover that he has no memory of his life beyond the day Alastair had seen him last, the day of Beltane when Arthur had abused one of the maidens. The first sin Arthur had committed and has no memory of.
Alastair tells him of his sins, of the shame and destruction he had brought to Avalon and the old religion. The hatred intense in his eyes and voice.
When then they ask him for Excalibur, the sword of light, the relic they need to save the world, he has no knowledge of where it is, or how and when he lost it.
Now they have to find the sword, who might have it, and where might it be hidden. The pressure is already great, the fear of being pregnant not lessening it, and when Arthur realizes he lost his fated mate and all memory of her, despair thickens the air.

Find out if Lisa is pregnant, if they find Excalibur and who is the mysterious woman named Gwendolyn Lakelet who hold the scabbard of Excalibur in her possession. Who attacks the estate and what secretive message they find? What will they discover in the ring of stones, and how they learn of their next challenge? Read Excerpt here (PDF File)

The Immortal God – Book 3 of the Utopian Saga planned for summer 2017

The two couples freed Danu from the Fomorii, but she is still surrounded by an impenetrable force field, that only the one who erected it can take down. Arthur has Excalibur and they know that Danu had the Holy Grail, as well as that she send it somewhere to be safe. But only she knows where and only the god Bail, her consort can free her, if only they knew where the God of souls was hiding. While searching for the missing God, Lisa learns that her pregnancy is far more advanced than they thought, giving her only a few short months to save the world, because she knows it has to be done before he was born.
She wants to be happy for Arthur who has found his beloved wife again, wants to be glad that they had Danu but the pressure and the inability to locate Bail are weighting down on her.
Despair is in the air until suddenly they receive help from the great beyond. Having been foretold of their struggle Condan had spent centuries searching for Bail. Before he died he arranged for a package to be delivered, reaching them just when they needed it most, containing all they need to find Bail.
When they do find and free him, they learn that not only had he been the one responsible for Arthur’s betrayal of the old religion, but also that he has not the power to free Danu.
He tells them their story and how he lost his power, still immortal but no longer the God he once was, he now has hardly any more power than a mere mortal.
Disappointed they return to the estate knowing that all they can do for now is focusing on the spear, the still missing relict. The last they need before their greatest challenge, finding Atlantis, the birthplace of all civilizations.
When suddenly a stranger approaches, telling them he came from the future, send to them to bring them the spear but thing had gone wrong and now he will only hand it to them if they help him free his beloved. In his ignorance he had taken his beloved with him, only to find them caught by the Fomorii, which are now holding her hostage. The Fomorii expect him to bring them Lisa, to hand her over as exchange for the woman he loves.
Now Lisa has no other choice but to find a way to not only save the woman the newcomer loves so she can have the spear, but also needs to be careful in how to do it, so another prophecy won’t come true, one in where she will become something else.

What challenges and secrets are waiting for the group of six? How will Lisa mange to come up with a plan in less than 24 hours, and what will happen if she becomes too powerful?

The Immortal Good – Book 3 of the Utopian Saga coming soon

The Travel through the World Tree – Book 4 of the Utopian Saga

A child born three times blessed will be the savior of the world or doom it’s existence. So the prophecy had said, but her elevation to goddess had cancelled it out, now her child was three times blessed and destined to greatness, as Lisa had been to be glorious.
Stuck in the Pantheon, Lisa had watched her chosen family and newborn son get attacked. The fear and pain, the worry but most of all her love pushing her far beyond a mere goddess, making her become more.
When Gaia had sensed the change in her, and seen the world was in peril, she sends Lisa back to earth to save the gods still living and hiding there. Sending Hermes and Mo ‘at with her she returns to her family, but instead of being welcomed back, her beloved Alastair has nothing but accusations for her.
While she has to save the remaining good, so they can’t be turned evil, Alastair needs to deal with his contradicting emotions. When Lisa had ascended, and he thought her lost to him forever it had broken his heart, all he had left of her, all he could hold on to was their son. Now only day’s later she returned, as if she could have done so the whole time, and it made him angry and he didn’t even know why.
Lisa collects one god and goddess after another, hiding them away in the secret command center of her family. While she saves the deities and protects them, they help her chosen family to find a way to the World Tree, the only way to Atlantis that still exists.
When Lisa returns for a short while, she finds Alastair in a hot tub with naked women, and her world seems to fall apart.
Too exhausted and angry to listen to Alastair she says things she wishes later she had never said, destroying a part of Alastair who in his despair returns to the estate they had left for safety. When a Fomorii soldier finds him, he gets almost killed, but Lisa who senses him dying saves him almost losing her own life in the process.
When Lisa wakes, they finally talk it all out and find their way back together, still their trouble has only begun. Soon they realize they have a traitor in their midst, endangering the lifes of Lisa’s chosen family as well as of all the gods and goddesses. When exposed, they have no other choice but address the problem, meeting in secret with Gaia. There they learn not only that their traitor was an isolated incident, but Bail remembers how to free Danu, and Lisa and Alastair learn of what they have to do now. As well as that time is short, before the balance of the world has tipped towards evil so much it can’t be reversed.

Accompany the group of heroes, on their travel through the world tree. Where Lisa, Alastair and their Son, will reunite and strengthen as a family. Where Arthur and his beloved Gwen will deepen their relationship. Where Bail and Danu might find a way back together, and where the gay couple Asclepius and Amun’ Ra might fall in love again. All the while being challenged by the dangers the tree holds in wait for them. Only those with a pure heart, endurance and wit will reach Atlantis, those who aren’t will die.

The Travel through the World Tree – Book 4 in the Utopian Saga… coming soon….

The Road through Atlantis – Book 5 of the Utopian Saga

Finally, after fighting monsters, facing their greatest fear and having to hand over their son to Killgarak, they reached Atlantis. All of them battered, beaten and exhausted to the point of collapsing, but not defeated. They had entered Atlantis through the catacombs, where once the most dangerous creatures had been held captive. Now the catacombs are empty, silent and ominous.
The moment the exit the catacombs, the Gods who once lived on the island know that something is wrong. When they had left the city several millennia ago, the doors to the seven circles had been left wide open, the path to the inner city free to walk. Now all the doors where closed, and worse locked.
Never had Lisa or Alastair thought to find a city as ancient as Atlantis, yet more modern and advanced then their own world. Danu who knows the technology the best soon discovers that the cities defence system had been triggered and put the city in lock down. As if that hurdle wasn’t hard enough the security system shows them where all the creatures, once housed in the catacombs had gone to. Into the city, and it seemed that they had bred and multiplied, at least some of them.
If Argos hadn’t been with them to retrieve the security codes from the inner city, their shared destiny had ended right there and them. But as often before, Condan’s heart, housed in the dogs body came through for them.
Now they have to face the seven circles and the monsters that have taken them over. All while their love is tested over and over again, forcing the four couples to see their true selves, their deepest desires, and their greatest fears.

What will await them as they forge their way through Atlantis, and how will they save the world from certain doom? Will their love survive, or will all be lost to them?

The road through Atlantis – Book 5 of the Utopian Saga coming soon

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