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In every persons life,, there are certain events that shape who you are, and who you are becoming over time. Some more then others, and sometimes we only realize their influence when we look back years later.

In 2006 after I published my first book and ran into insults and bullying by other, better known authors,, I wrote my first biography. However, that biography was tainted by the anger and frustration roused by harsh words and rejection.

Soon ten years will have passed since then, and looking back I regret the way I wrote it, not that I wrote it.  Now faced with similar problems, but a different mindset, I decided to write it again. This time objective, or as objective as you can get when you write about your own life.

Dyslexia was or is only one of my problems. This book isn't about being Dyslexic alone, its about growing up, being different. It is about perseverance and endurance and growing with the challenges life throws at you. About how ugly people can be, and try to bring you down, but you just can't let them.

I was born with Nail-Patella-Syndrome, a genetic mutation that appears in about 1 of 50.000 births, I also had clubbed feet that needed correction, but most of all, I shouldn't even exist according to what doctors believed in 1979 Germany. Aside from that, Nail-Patella-Syndrome bring some problems into a child's life, some obvious and some are hidden, others may develop over time.

There are the very visible signs like the deformed finger nails, the deformed joints that prevent you from stretching your arms as others do. Those are easy to spot, but what about the to small or none existent patella, the week tooth enamel, the dyslexia or ADHD? What about the kidney problems, glaucoma and Fibromyalgia? Those you can't see or predict, and if you don't know about them, you don't know to look for them.

That is what my story is about, of growing up with health issues known and unknown, the way others treat you because of them, and how devastating it can be for a child. More then that, it tells how I managed with it, and as hard as it was, now that i look back, see how it made me stronger.

Like my first biography in German, this book will also be only edited by me and never see the hand of a professional editor.

Why? Because it's not just my life story, it is a statement and a demonstration. Writing is not just spelling, grammar and punctuation, it is so much more. Don't get me wrong, it is important, spelling that is, it unify s the way we communicate with each other, making it simpler for all of us. However a story filled with rightly spelled words, but no rime or reason, no hart or soul, is nothing more then a dictionary. While a story written with rime and reason, with heart and soul, but wrong spelled words, is still a story worth telling. That is what this book demonstrates.

Put away all you know about spelling, grammar and punctuation, and pay attention to the story. Because just because someone can’t spell right, doesn’t mean they have nothing interesting to say.

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